Cunning crocodile and clever monkey: Mr. Prime Minister, you just made a silly mistake. Now don’t fall into the trap again


During child hood we have learnt many stories that shows how cunning animals have targeted innocent ones. And how the innocent have fallen prey to them. One of them was related to a crocodile and a monkey. After repeated failed attempts, one day the cunning crocodile succeeds and the monkey was hoodwinked by the croco and taken deep into the river water on his back and was about to eat him when the clever monkey escapes by saying he has forgotten his liver on the tree where he lived.

This reminds us of the continuous drivel and arrows projected by Arwind Kejriwal towards the PM Narendra Modi. After successive failed attempts to drag the PM with unsubstantiated allegations looks like Kejriwal has succeeded this time as the Prime Minister asks his BJP MP and MLA to declare and show transactions after 8th November 2016 to prove that there was no leaks over demonetisation. (

Besides the story mentioned above (and we don’t need to tell who is the crocodile and the monkey in this case ) do remember Raja Rama also fell to the trap and offered his spotless wife Sita to the ‘Agni’ to prove her integrity.

We will most solemnly want to warn the PM of the cunning Delhi politics and not to fall prey to the allegations and misleading propagandist behaviors of political leaders and specially some experts in the deceitful and machiavellian game of the throne.

The honourable PM just succumbed and has made a mistake by asking his party MPs and MLAs to showcase their bank details. There is no end to this game as Kejriwal immediately tweeted , ” Why after Nov 8? Pl take details of 6 months bfore Nov8. Also Modi ji shud obtain bank acc of his friends- ambanis, adanis, PayTM, Big Bazar

Please note that this is a perfect win win situation for the Delhi CM as the PM cannot keep asking everyone to show his bank accounts while the clever CM of Delhi will never get satisfied and will keep demanding one after other. Now like the clever monkey the PM must get off the back of the crocodile and not waste his time and put his MPS and MLAs into embarrassing situation.

The PM must immediately stop this practice to prove himself innocent and must continue focus on managing demonetisation and its after effects effectively. There are already positive stories doing round about certain villages going for digital payment systems ( akodra village in Sabarkantha dist for example). The people of the country are with the initiative despite all the trials and tribulations and that is what matters.

Even Lord Rama was unable to prove himself and lost the pious Sita in the process

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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