Demonetisation-Now or never: Is the Opposition serious versus We the People


Demonetisation-Now or never: Is the Opposition serious versus We the People …

How the opposition trivialises the government actions were clear after the Uri attacks and now with the demonetisation initiative of the government. (

It is a matter of great discomfort and pain for WE THE PEOPLE of the country to observe all these and how the opposition parties of the nation tries to puncture any initiative and action of the government without any serious thoughts, deliberations, analysis and rationality.

One must take a cue from supreme court as it lauds the government’s objective . (

We would like to endorse again the move of the government on this critical action (please watch the attached video) and initiative and would like to request it to focus on providing currency to the people through alternative platforms . There are multiple ways in which this can be done and the government need to act on war footing. ONE NEED NOT BE DEPENDENT JUST ON THE BANKS. THEY ARE DOING FINE. OTHER ORGANIZATIONS MUST BE ROPED IN. WE WERE THE FIRST TO WARN THE GOVERNMENT WHEN WE SAID IT SHOULD NOT GO BEYOND THIS.(

We also expect people from all walks of like , professions and groups to come out and support the government. Why has the govt offices, lawyers, doctors, engineers, jewellers, Industry, Business houses Bollywood, journalists, NRIs, hospitals etc are not coming out and endorsing the move. It is a Now or Never moment. After all its in the interest of the nation and not just the PM and his party. Why are we missing the big picture. Few people are trying to create doubts and destabilise the government which should not be allowed.

Coming to the opposition and national interest, we believe that While a strong opposition is must for any democracy to work but the way opposition has seriously dented its own image needs to be studied.

This pain and sufferings gets multiplied when one sees unnecessary interference from regional satraps. People like Kejriwal have truly made a mockery of democracy and who has made people sick from his unnecessary rhetorics, remarks and fingering. If Mr Kejriwal is looking for second time lucky he is absolutely mistaken. We would like to request the media to highlight and project central leaders rather than regional leaders who try to sensationalise matters for own vested interests . Indeed the media has a much larger role to play in nation building.

It is also unfortunate to observe that the media is trying to showcase just the hardships of the people rather than enthusiasm. There is unparalleled enthusiasm and support to the scheme despite of natural hurdles and problems. Indeed we the people of the country have lost our sense and sensibilities. Certainly the demonetisation move has hurt many on the belly and the heart and are now desperate to wriggle out by lobbing with the opposition parties.

Its like Now or Never for the country and we the people must be sure which ever side we tend to support about national interest coming first.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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