Dummies Guide to Modi model of Governance


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Dummies Guide to Modi model of Governance 

A few days back there was this news of Nitin Gadkari and Shivraj Singh Chauhan not being given seats in the important parliamentary board and election committee.. The media and individuals lashed upon the event and tried hard to create rift between PM Modi and Minister Nitin Gadkari. It went to the extent that a video was seen circulating where Nitin Gadkari had to say that he was not joining Congress and would prefer death ( pani mai dubkar …) rather than joining congress. – https://www.timesnownews.com/india/would-rather-drown-in-a-well-says-nitin-gadkari-on-advice-to-joining-congress-watch-article-93846787.
After reading this statement and many other videos of Nitin Gadkari that are now in high circulation we felt that there is a need to understand the Modi model of Governance, the challenges the country faces and how they can be solved.
Before Gadkari PM Modi has also been changing the cabinet portfolio and has done major reshuffle in his second term as PM. And therefore it is more important to know and understand the Modi model of governance as we understand.
To understand the model it’s important to know the characteristics and attributes of PM Modi. Honesty, Integrity, Discipline, Nationalist, Bravery and loyalty are the Six important aspects of PM Modi which guide his thoughts and actions. On the sides we can add Emotional as well as Religious also to these Six points.
If one sees the actions of PM Modi from day one he has steadfastly dictated and governed by these factors. The day he went to Parliament first, he bowed before the parliament and declared himself as ‘Pradhan Sevak’. Critics may say that this was all drama, pomp and show but our question is who stopped all previous PMs from doing this drama. And so this will give the answer. It is not drama but ‘Emotions’ that drives a person to reach the highest seat of power in the country.
Second PM kept distance from his own family and even his mother to whom he has been very much attached has not been living with him at PM’s residence. We think no other PM or person could have shown such exemplary and strict discipline and character. This shows the commitment of PM Modi towards the nation and responsibilities. And for this he has sacrificed even the highest form of pleasure that was with him – his mother.
Third he has not allowed any of his other family members or extended family members to come close and exploit or gain in his name. All his brothers and family members are living the same way as they were earlier.
Fourth, the PM has a strong enmity with corruption and corrupt people. He has not spared anyone for that matter. Anyone with a corrupt tag on his shoulders had to go. He allowed banks to launch a free trade against Mallaya and Nirav Modi who have been absconding from the country since then. Both these persons have immense wealth to bribe even God.
Fifth, the PM can’t tolerate disloyalty to him or to the nation. This has been proved time and again. Whether one takes the Doklam valley skirmishes with China or the Glavan valley, the orders to the army were – no orders, Act as per the need. In other words the army had a free hand to do and act the way it wanted, a clear distinction from all previous governments including Indira Gandhi’s.
Sixth is his enthusiasm to work and strengthen the nation. From day one the PM has been committed and focused only towards one goal which is to develop and strengthen the nation. No other PM has been so single handedly focused in our opinion
Challenges to the Nation
After going through the personal and behavioral attributes of the PM, let us check for the challenges that the country is facing. Though we have been writing on this subject for long still we will write a couple of lines. Just in our last post we have written that India and Hindus are the most vulnerable entities in the world and it is by only God’s grace that both of them are safe and surviving, which we have also said defies logical reasoning. This vulnerability has been in place from the tenth century with the spread and power of islam more but existed before that too. However the difference before that was a strong line of Hindu Kings from Guptas to Mauryas, Chalukyas, and all the great kings of South. It was only due to the strong Rajputs and Marathas in the mideaval time that the country was spared the full blast of islam and Hinduism survived somehow.
Besides, the surrounding nations from China, Pakistan to now Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and even Nepal there is not a single country whom we can trust.
Then there are dangers within the country that do ont need any further explanation as recent trends and events must have shown everyone the razor edge on which we live and survive.
The international lobbies, from Russia to America and Europe though we are friends to all but the challenges remain from all sides and no country can take any other blindly. This is a truth of modern day geopolitics and international relations. The international lobby, the left ecosystem and the national and international media all play hand and gloves with each other to destablise the Modi government.
Finally our age old system which is still a slave of britishers, from eductaion to bureacracy and all in between has become a dark cloud in the development story of the nation. There is a great need for reforms on all fronts. The Police department requires massive training efforts. the municipalities and civic system is dead and corrupt to the core.
The Modi model
Having laid the foundation to understand the Modi model now we can elaborate briefly about the Modi Model. To understand the saem let us ask a simple question. With the challenge that we have seen above and considering the attributes, how can one have an effective governance that can handle all the problems and also strengthen the nation through development. If one is really serious about strengthening the nation then the efforts and modus operandi also have to be different. Because the challenges are not simple or easy. While if one just wants to be a Good PM the way can be different but if one wants to really really bring the necessary changes then the efforts also have to be in line proportionate and strong. This is the first thing to understand the Modi model.
What is the next thing that comes to mind? Our answer will be a very effective and small team of dedicated soldiers who can be trusted blindly without any political ambition or personal interests.
Now one has to just link the DOTS and the Modi model will be clear. We don’t wish to further elaborate beyond this. It is not that PM Modi does not trust anyone or doubts the character of anyone.

The environment in which he and the nation is sitting today does not allow any compromise, laxity or margin of error. The next election of 2024 also has to be won which is another challenge as it’s not in one’s hands but in the hands of the people. So with all these commitments, challenges and personal attributes we are of the opinion that the Modi model is the best thing to work upon. Anyone who wants a strong nation must not feel bad about what the PM is doing. We are of the opinion that to save the nation and also going forward we have to all shed our short sightedness and give Modi a free hand to work. That is the only option and solution.
Earlier we were also disappointed but after carefully thinking we have reached these conclusions and have shared with all. As a final word we don’t cast an aspersion or doubt on anyone whether its ambitions or anything else. But every team leader must be given space and power to decide his team where he feels more comfortable. Only then can he deliver the necessary things that he is supposed to.

This post is not written against any individual but is in general. Gadkari ji has been taken just as an example because of the social media videos on him. He is one of the best ministers that the country has ever had since independence and we are sure that he will continue to shine all through 2024 and beyond.
Best wishes 
Dr Asheesh Shah

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