Geopolitics: its not God but America that sets the narratives and events on earth


Geopolitics: its not God but America that sets the narratives and events on earth

If you are the pne who thinks that God runs the world and events on earth then you are  not aware of geopolitics and all that happens on the earth. Dont feel embarrassed we also used to think the same until few years back. But this canadian affair of PM Trudeav accusing India of some hand in the murder of a sikh extremist Nijjar, made us thinking about world affairs more deeply and games people play and nations play.

We dont want to identify and pinpoint at America explicitly, but then being a world leader it has more power to influence events and geo politics in the world than any other countries. Moreover America also identifies itself as the protector of democracy and liberal values and thus justifies its position of taking things in its hand as and when required. This moral duty is not given to any one else, Of course the European nations and

The UK become part of such moral policing around the world conveniently. So we have the Iraq war, Sanctions on Iran, Ukraine war that all have the typical US stamping on them. In the last case of Ukraine America is not seen as a direct aggressor but we all know how Putin was forced to act to save Russia being a puppet of western powers and surrounded by Nato countries. Finally we also have China which is now seen as the biggest adversary of America and the reason is protecting Taiwan. So by waging war – for good  or bad we wont debate that part – the world is influenced by many factors. The supply chain gets disrupted as we have seen in recent times, Food becomes costly and at times scarcity prevails, Oil becomes costlier and leads to inflation around the world, and then it impacts the economy of many nations. Once the economy gets impacted it affects employment and living standard.

Therefore it will retahr naive to consider that God runs the Earth. America is the defacto numero uno world leader and hence dictats what all is happening around the world and how your life gets affected through it. When we say America we cannot ignore the much talked about Deep state that is supposed to be the main force behind Geo politics.

In short Deep state is a formal / non formal group of people or organizations who are so powerful mainly due to huge wealth that they are able to thwart popular democratic elected verdicts and the executive branch of a nation. They run hidden agendas by publicly run campaigns ( anti CAA, Farmers protest in India for example), mould public opinion through media and social media ( like The wire and Scroll in India), conduct riots ( like Manipur ) and create tensions in a country by similar tactics which are many a times are not known immediately.

As the nation’s chief executive, Donald Trump pitted himself repeatedly against the institutions and personnel of the executive branch. In the process, two once-obscure concepts came center stage in an eerie faceoff. On one side was the specter of a “Deep State” conspiracy-administrators threatening to thwart the will of the people and undercut the constitutional authority of the president they elected to lead them. On the other side was a raw personalization of presidential power, one that a theory of “the unitary executive” gussied up and allowed to run roughshod over reason and the rule of law. The Deep State and the unitary executive framed every major contest of the Trump presidency. Like phantom twins, they drew each other out and wrestled to light basic issues of governance long suppressed.


While every country has a deep staate , the kingpin of this deep state sits in western countries mainly United States. They are not politically biased but may be considered biased towards the liberal left ecosystem. Therefore it will be naive to consider the death of leftist Marxism so soon.

Many top bureaucrats, INdustrialists, Businesses, Bollywood ? hollywood personalities, Authors, publishers, Judges of highest courts and Intellectuals ( remember there is always a story of 100/200 IAS, IFS , Judges signing petitions against govt) are roped in to influence public opinions and set narratives.

Organizations like World Economic Power are meeting place for such people and representatives. There are other secret meetings which are more covert and are by invite only. Only the members know when and where it will be held. Imminent journalists, former country heads, Billionaires ( Bill Gates, for ex) are part of these meetings.

These are the people and organizations that set the narratives and objectives for the world.

America being a powerful democracy is most vulnerable to the actions and thinking of these deep state people. Once America is  roped in  the world automatically starts getting affected.


You are excused for believing that your life is in the hands of one and only one god. You are further excused that your government is the sole protector of your life. There are higher powers in the world which decide the months and years to come on earth and in your life. All the outcomes are simulated well through Game theory and automated software so that he results are known. However there are uncertainties involved as in the case of the Ukraine war therefore to predict the results 100 % certainty is always a challenge.

Lesson for India : 

It is not easy to keep oneself or the nation safe and unaffected by Global mechanisms. We are all now hugely connected by global events through internet , supply chain, international relations , oil , etc etc.

China understood this deep state and American-run coalition very well. It also knew that the Opium war and humiliation it suffered was a well planned event. It has therefore taken the step to get our of this American hegemony and started building its own factories, and sunned western media and other things. We will write a separate post on the same.

India cannot imitate China in totality but can take important lessons. And the first and foremost is to keep itself as much independent as possible in all spheres of life and especially media and social media which are basically the entities that connect people to people.


Best Wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah


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