Government must look beyond the obvious and the normal..Mediocracy will not help. Tough Days ahead


Government must look beyond the obvious and the normal..Mediocracy will not help. Tough Days ahead

‘Survival of the fittest’ is a Darwinian statement usually applied to biological evolution. But little we realise its implications for political and social
events. It seems that we are now moving in a direction that will decide the fate of the world for years to come. The America that we knew, a country of
free thoughts and values has been eclipsed by racism and ideological war that has not been seen any time before. Add to this the technological power
of social media and other tech companies it seems that we are now being pushed to some ugly destiny that is just waiting in the dark to lurch upon us.

No surprise then, The European Union thought it best to go with China and signed a Comprehensive trade investment treaty. ( Pl see our previous blog

It is obvious that as America weakens it is China that is going to get the upper hand. Early reports suggest that the new President Biden will not be as harsh on
China as President Trump was and even the strategic Indo- Pacific strategic alliance, Quad will be endangered. It has to be noted here that this concept
was laid in cold for 10 years by the Obama Administration after it was first suggested by Japanese PM Abe, but was only taken vigorously by the Trump administration.

Taiwan will be the worst sufferer and it will be interesting to see the commitment of the new administration on it which will have to fight China on her own.

It will be foolish now to look towards America that we have been used to especially during the past few years. Things might change fast and India may not get the same attention on China as it used to. The world works on the principle of Power and greed. The large conglomerates from facebook to google they all feed like the vultures looking for easy prey and keep the fat growing. China has used the trade war to penalise many such companies which will be now looking back to
get into the game.

Moreover the biggest fallout of all this has been the role of mass protests that has found a new way of pressuring the government. The farmer protest continuing is a grim sign of things to come.

Overall we find that the best days of the present government are almost over. It will be tough days henceforth. It is different thing to continue with development
policies under a friendly world and an hostile world.

As China grows stronger there will definitely be pressure on the borders. Pakistan has been perpetually waiting to strike against us. Its hobnobbing with Turkey
and the penchant of Turkey to play a dominant role in world /Islamic policy against the interest of India should also keep us on the foot. There were also reports that Turkey has intensified her support to Kashmir islamic cause. Iran has moved to the China camp after the treatment is received from the tRump admin while Saudi Arab might just do a flip in favour of China after it moved way ahead towards America.

Therefore there will be new pressures from all over and it will be difficult to predict from where , what severity and what purpose. We are of the opinion
that the biggest test of PM Modi, HM Amit Shah and the Modi government starts now. The Corona virus has taken a big toll on the economy though the GST numbers are encouraging but we think that the data are not reflecting the complete truth or we are missing something. GDP has definitely been shrinking.


While national politics will be more or less controlled, international politics may take its toll on India and hence the Modi government. We must not remain ignorant about the fast changing global events and try to visualise a few things coming and take necessary action before they actually arrive. One thing that we have observed is the mediocracy approach of the government as well as the Sangh parivar for key positions. The Sangh parivar has a bigger responsibility than ever. For government might come and go but it has to stand in its place like the Himalayas which are also synonyms with the identity of the country. Unfortunately
the picture that is coming up is not very encouraging. Let us make ourselves clear again. Both the government and The Sangh have to choose between merit and mediocracy.

Tough situations can only be handled by a proactive government laced with smart and intelligent teams. We request the government very humbly to be more circumspect henceforth and try to plug the gaps across layers. May we say the vision and Durdrishti of these two organisations for next few years will play a major role to reshape the destiny of the country for decades to come. It seems that that is indeed the case.

DR Asheesh Shah

Asheesh Shah
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