Gudi Padva ki shubhkamnaye: Let us have a strong and vibrant democracy and not a pseudo sicular state.

Gudi Padva ki shbubhkamnaye: Let us have a strong and ibrant democracy and not a pseudo sicular state.

Disclaimer: This is an independently written article by the author without allegiance to any political party, ideology or government. 

As we enter into Vikrm samvat 2079 on this auspicious day of Gudi Padva / Ugadi we wish our readers best wishes and Shubhechha for the coming year and years to come. I got the opportunity to attend a launch of new shakha in Indore with proper Dhwaja rights as chief guest for reasons I really dont know. The baudhik given by one swayamsevak was very impressive as he talked about the three qualities of Keshav Baliram Hedgewar ji, the founder of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh , who was also coincidentally born on Gudi padva – which is a big coincidence for hindu cause. The speaker said Hedgewar ji was not only a visionary, but also a planner and an executioner. Thus only when we have these three attributes together at one place that we see the mammoth organization like Sangh built u fro seed to present form. Today india without sangh is unthinkable and we are not talking just about power games or politics. Its a very holistic idea that has become the backbone of the country and the last line of defence. No doubt than that we have seen ugly conspiracies many times to discredit the sangh in more than one way and to finish it off. But thanks to God , such malafide ideas didn’t work and the Sangh has grown further and strengthened itself. 

Having said that, we also need to be a bit circumspect not to get complacent.  For all its growth and work, the challenges facing the country have also unfortunately grown exponentially both internally as well as externally. Today we are vulnerable from many sides that threatens the basic fabric of the nation. This may sound absurd and far fetched to many or all but we will stick to our view with full conviction. If the readers reading this have 1 percent faith in our thinking and analysis then we would request them to  consider this as a serious confession without any vested interest of any kind. Our belief is based on seeing the ground reality in many places.

Despite the tremendous growth of Govt, Sangh ,and all others, from Make in India to highways and alertness at the borders, despite the vocal voice on social media , despite the protest and actions in certain states and especially in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh , the overall situation still remains bad. There is lop sided growth and development amidst growing communal tensions and disparity.

The reason for this negative outlook or pessimism reflected on our part is because we are seeing a clear dividing line between ground reality and presumed strength. Our leaders lack conviction and most of the citizens still prefer to live a selfish comfortable life who dont see any kind of problem for themselves or the society or the nation. They are either too fearful of what may happen or they have just chosen to be away from all tensions. They are not worried about Bengal or Kerala or the farmers or the inflation and they are the ones who are not affected by Kashmir files. so far it does not hurt them and their families.  

One of the reason that we have found for ths poor state of affairs is the past 70 years of governance which has been very bad for Hinds and in crushing their moral. It was not just the Mughal period or the Britishers that has hurt Hindu sentiments it was the post independence period too which is equally responsible. The one sided approach of many government officers, babus, ministers and all in between during the past 70 years has discouraged the moral of Hindus and to raise their voices. Today also one finds the same bureacratic attitude , apathy, misconduct, lawlessness and lethargy in many places while the tolerant citzens just keep mum.

Even today we see the majority of people living in fear though no one will tell or even acknwledge. But that is the state of affairs if you wish to hear.
Solution: The only way we can avoid an ugly situation going forward is through very high conviction of all political leaders belonging to the party in power and the Sangh parivar. WE need more Modis, Amit Shahs and Yogi Adityanath kind of leaders to establish laws and remove obsolete ones. We need uniformity hether through UCC or other means but we cant have a balanced country with such a diverse population and frictions. The CM of Assam , Karnataka and Uttarakhand are also doing good in the sense that they show conviction and not just words without action. They all are good administrators and are able to hold law and order in their states despite challengees unlike many others. We dont wish to speak for the rest even in states like Gujarat and MP. And the least told about Bengal, Kerala or even Rajasthan , TN, etc the better.

Last but not least we need a full bundle of new fresh laws for many things . Without these news laws and rules our democracy has become a crude joke and nothing. By no means its a democracy as it should be and we are just pretending to live in a secular democratic state. Let us accept and correct the course before its late. We need uniform laws for one and all. There cannot be a separate laws governing hindus or muslims or christians or jains etc. We need just one set of laws that is applicable across the nation. Let us be honest to ourselves and the nation because our combined interests and welfare lies in a strong nation.  

We wil write another post with more details on the same. Consider this as part one of our post.

Once again happy Gudi Padva.

Note: WE dont prejudice against any religion, ideology or person and only want to see a strong nation. This post was written yesterday but published today i.e. 3 April 2022

with best wishesSamanvaya
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