Hindu migration from Kairana: Let us not mix Social reality with Politics


The partition that made two states of one has many lessons for all those who have time to ponder. A good work to compile all the partition stories is done by this site www.1947partitionarchive.org.
It is not possible that a mass exodus of people from both the sides could have happened without being instigated by political parties and vested interest groups. An article points to this fact http://tribune.com.pk/story/388663/who-orchestrated-the-exodus-of-sindhi-hindus-after-partition/ .
Recently the migration of Hindus from kairana was in news ( http://zeenews.india.com/news/india/what-happened-to-hindus-in-kashmir-in-1990s-is-happening-again-in-ups-kairana-read-this-shocking-story_1893924.html. ).
Within no time it was made into a political story rather than a social one . As usual the so called Indian secular media is taking a dominant role in the same. Therefore those who claim that the Hindu migration from kairana is a fake story are not aware of the reality or do not want to confront the truth with the seriousness that it deserves. (http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/kairana-mass-exodus-shamli-hindu-exodus-akhilesh-yadav-up-elections-bjp-hukum-singh-2851411/).
Something of a similar nature happened during the Bihar elections when the case of a man keeping Beef was caught but made into a political story rather than investigating into it unbiasedly.
The habit of media to jump into the political storm of the country to sensationalise people is nothing new and a lot of this comes from pressure on the investigating team of journalists from the editorial rooms ( http://www.theguardian.com/media/2016/apr/17/fake-news-stories-clicks-fact-checking).
A good site that exposes media lies can be found at this link http://www.opindia.com/2015/10/top-lies-spread-by-indian-media-in-september-2015/.
Therefore to treat each and every word of the media as sacrosanct will be the first blunder that the common citizen of the country will have to bear in mind.
The fifth estate that carried certain credibility is no more guaranteed.
To come to the basic theme of the post, forced Hindu migration is a reality rather than anything else and can be seen not only in Shamli district but other parts of the country as well. The typical modus operandi of certain caste is similar in many such places. The first and foremost is the practice of teasing hindu girls on their ways to schools, colleges, markets and temples etc. besides treating them as target for ‘Jihadi love’ is a grave reality that is practiced for centuries. The next is doing mischiefs with Indian priests and religious people , making a mockery of them , ridiculing hindu religious practices etc. The third practice is throwing of eggs and other non veg items and or displaying the inhuman treatments of animal that the Hindu community is averse to. It is not that all muslims indulge in such practices but even a few who does have a devastating effect on the hindu population and just one wrong case can dampen the spirits of many as girls and daughters carry high emotional weightage in such communities.
All these are nothing new and many of us might have witnessed them in our own life time as the author has if one has lived in muslim dominated colonies or even with a handful of muslims. There can be many other such practices that may have evolved over the years. Still many hindu girls get eloped by muslims only for few years only to be converted to islam.
The agenda of the political parties that get muslim votes is clear. For example the Samajwadi party , the Janata party , the Trinamool party etc. These parties can go to any level to continue garner the votes from the muslim community. Than there are other parties like the congress who will not comment on any such incidents and will keep a neutral stance so that neither the Hindu nor the muslim vote banks are affected. All these parties have treated muslims as vote banks and not thought towards their social welfare and educational problems. This is the crux of the issue . The muslim population has also unwittingly played to this unharmonic tune for years.
That leaves only the right minded parties like the BJP who has to take the cudgel upon themselves to fight such social practices and protect the Hindus. The BJP and the other right wing parties have to suffer through multiple fronts by taking up such issues. First is the media attack which will try to project themselves as leaders of the secular and liberal society and thrash the BJP for it without looking for facts. It is a known fact that channels like **** who have taken a major responsibility upon themselves to protect the Indian society by banking upon such stories. Newspapers like ***** and The ***** are also self professed protectors of Indian secularism. Unfortunately these media houses are reaping the benefits upon their old brand names and therefore are fast loosing credibility. There as a time when one trusted them because it has appeared in The …or The…. But not any more.
Second is the international media which will also pick the loose ends and will weave a story out of nothing. Most notably the BBC and The Newyork times who thrive through such stories on the sub continent.
The third front which hurts the BJP is through the narrow minded and divisive nature of Hindus many of whom make compromises and do not like to be seen as right minded ideological people.
Thus the BJP has to pay a large political price for taking up genuine Hindu cause which no other party is willing to fight let alone talk.
Whether it is the case of Hindus being killed in Bangladesh or Pakistan or anywhere except for BJP no political party in the country have the moral or ethical courtesy in them to denounce such tactics by extremists. The Aam Aadmi party under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal goes a step further and shows its secular credentials by compensating heavily any victim of the minority community but ignores the majority.
Many other practices are happening in the country that need to be addressed if we need a long term social balance and peace. Of late such practices are now being carried out openly and dangerously. The solution to a problem can come only when they are acknowledged and addressed. Else we can leave them to take their own course which can lead to greater inharmony and disturbance in the country.
This requires strong laws and an alert society. There are good people in all caste and all religions. Similarly, there are a handful of extremists too.
While the BJP must remain alert and keep espousing such issues no matter what is the political cost it has to bear , others including the media must understand that society cannot remain unmindful of such events. ALL EVENTS SHOULD NOT BE SEEN MERELY AS POLITICAL DRAMAS. JOURANILSTS HAVE TO BE MORE AWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING NOT ONLY IN THE SOCIETY BUT BENEATH THE SOCIETY.
The peace and prosperity of a country depends upon the strength of the majority class ability to protect the nation from internal and external threats. The majority has to be strong enough to take the minorities along and also handle the imbalances and wrong practices no matter where they take place.
Mughals king like Akbar succeeded to rule India because he was not only fair to Hindus but more importantly remained loyal to Islam and built mosques and provided patronage to Sufi saints and Dargahs. Similarly with Jehangir and others.
It is in the interest of the the country and its population that all events that pose dangers to the peace and harmony of the country be taken seriously and not considered as political stunts just because there is an election in that state coming.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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