How about some new Ministries like Cow protection


If we look at Modi government’s performance there are some good colourful performance and grey shades or even worst cases. We have already dealt upon these subject some time back as to which are the excellent and which are the non performing ministries of the government.
The Modi government is about to make a grand cabinet reshuffle ( we have criticized this practice of ‘Grand Tamasha’ like ceremony which takes every ministers time and keeps all ministries away from work for at least two months before the actual shuffle happens. Mr PM can check all the ministries and see for himself the work schedule for last two months).
We suggest to the PM to form some new ministries that will be helpful for the government.These are
1. Ministry of best and efficient practices. – This will train the ministers and ministries to adopt good management practices form across the globe on a round the year basis)
2. Ministry of execution and performance evaluation. ( This will take charge of various projects that the PM office notifies and also assesses them on a regular basis in a true professional basis)
3. Ministry of cow shelter and protection. ( This ministry is also must as it will help cow protection in the country)
4. Ministry of anti terror and anti corruption. ( As the terror outfit grows, a part of the Home ministry can be taken out to carve a ministry with specific purpose of anti terror and anti corruption practices)
We believe that these four ministries are essential for the government to perform better and also to strengthen its ideologically stand. Different countries have unique ministries to handle local necessities.
For example . Pakistan also has a separate ministry for defence production. It also a ministry for inter provincial coordination. it has a ministry of religion and inter faith harmony (
Germany has a ministry of consumer protection and a ministry of special tasks. United states has a department of Veteran Affairs. Saudi Arab has a ministry for Islamic affairs and a ministry of Shura affairs.
The point is countries do have areas of focus and importance for which they need separate ministries. Like wise India must also look for new ministries as the country is expanding with new challenges coming from all sides.
However the tasks of these ministries must be properly framed else even the ministers is unaware of his responsibilities. For example Skill development sounds very good but no one knows what is happening inside it.
As per the news available through news papers and media ( which seems to know good or can speculate rightly) all the names of new ministers to be sworn in are out and also those who may be removed are talked about. ( Based upon this half baked news we can say that the cabinet reshuffle has not impressed us. Despite talk about ministerial performance we didn’t hear any name that will be removed based upon performance. There are many ministries in the government which are dead and almost become a NPA. But they do not seem to be touched..We will know better but that is the first impression one gets after going through all the media led stories for past few days.We urge the honourable Prime Minister to find some time time to ponder over the same.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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