Shekhar Gupta talks on DRDO reforms…


DRDO Shekhar Gupta on you tube channel

Sometime back, the central govt has announced its intentions to reform DRDO countrys premier defence research lab at multiple locations and hq in delhi. As an engineer one knows the prestige for working with drdo and back in 80s when I graduated it was difficult to get selected in this research organizstion unless u had a degree from some premier is still difficult and only the best of the best are able to be emoloyed in it.

Unlike other defence organizstions drdo has not been much discussed publicly for its job  is not much publicized and the masses are unaware to what all is happening. But internal assessment keeps going and finally the govt has caught up the organization with a stricter view.

A commiittee under former PSA Vijayraghvan has been formed to look into the issues plauging the organization and how it can be made more efficient. We invite readers to watch this video made by shekher gupta which is fairly well made but would add a few comments from our side.

1. Why no previous  drdo chairman is part of the commiittee. We had some excellent ex personnel of drdo like dr VK Saraswat who also happens to be the present member Niti Aayog whose name is absent from the commiittee formed.This omission raises questions on the seriousness of the govt to look fairly and objectively into the drdo reforms.

Ideally the commiittee should have been formed under the chairmanship of Dr VK Saraswat . Mr Vijayraghvan with all credits is from a field which has importance but a technologist like Saraswat would have been in a much better position as he VKS started his career in drdo and retired as its chairman. So he has seen it through his eyes for more than 40 years and under the tutelage of Dr Kalam while working on variois missile systems. We are just trying to look into it objectively and nothing personal here.

2. Why not other member from industry especially Tata which is also into def in a big way.

3. And finally , again sometime back the govt has also floated the idea of bureacracy taking over the chairmanship of drdo.. is this already a decision under consideration or will the commiittee wil look into the issue.

We hope their will be enough transparency and the commiittee wil.also invite suggestions from outsiders directly or indirectly will encourage the same.

Note: The comments are personal and in national interest only.  we do not owe any allegiance to any undividual or organization.


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