Tribute to Major Vikram Batra who laid his life in Kargil


It’s Almost a Year Past., A Letter from a Village in the State of Himachal Pradesh., Came to the Ministry of Defense.

The Writer Introduces Himself as a School Teacher and Puts Forward a Request…..

It Says., if Possible that His Only Son has Died a Heroic Death in the Kargil War and that the Day of His First Death i.e. Memorial Day is Coming in a Few Days i.e. On 07/07/2000 and On the Day of Remembrance of His Son’s Death., He and His Wife would Like to See the Place where His Son Died. It’s Okay if You Can’t., if It is Against National Security., and Letter also Says that He is Withdrawing His application.

The Department Officer who Read the Letter., Said., It Does Not Matter whatever the Cost I will pay (if Not Paid By the Department) from my salary., to Bring the Teacher and His Wife to the Place where the Boy had Died and An Order Issued Accordingly.

On the Day of Remembrance of the Deceased Hero., the Elderly Couple Brought to the Ridge with Due Respect. When He was Taken Near the Place where His Son had Died, Everyone who was on Duty Stood Erect and Saluted.

There was Only One Soldier., with Hand-Full of Flowers., Bowed and Sprinkled On the Teacher’s Feet and Rubbed His Eyes and then He Stood Upright and Saluted Like Everyone Else.

The Teacher was Stunned and Said… “You are a Great Officer… Why should You Touch My Feet and Worship..?
Like Others could have Saluted and I would have Greeted You in Return..!”

“No Sir. Here I am a Slightly Different from Others., i.e. Everyone who have Been Here On Duty and., Posted Less than a Year or So.”

“I was with Your Son who Fought with the Pakistanis On the Same Mountain Ridge in the Same Regiment., and the One who Saw Your Son’s Heroism Live On the Field. and Not Only that…..” He Stopped for a Moment…..

The Teacher Took the J.C.O’s Hand and Said “Tell me… Whatever it is Tell Me without any Fear… I Will Not Cry…..”
“I Know You will Not Cry., Sir… but I Should Not Cry’na….” the J.C.O. Continued….

“That’s where the Pakistanis were Shooting Hundreds of Bullets Per Minute with Their H.M.G. Five of Us Advanced Upto a Distance of Thirty Feet., and We were Just Lurking Behind that Rock to Watch. The Pakistanis are Also on the Verge of Retreating and Saw the Rock (Us). Just., if They could able to See Us (Bit of Leg., Hand or Even Our Kit) is Enough to Shatter the Bullets On Us. Indians Progress in the Scale of Brigade Strength is Yet to Begin. We Don’t Know what to Do..!! then….” The J.C.O. Sighed a Little.

“What Happened..?” the Teacher Enquired… J.C.O. Continued….. “Their Shooting will be Going On… No Point in Wasting Time… I am Going to Do the ‘Death Charge’ this Thirty Feet., i.e., I am Going Take Their Bullets On Me., and Run to Their Bunker and Throw the Grenade. After Destroying., You All Capture Their Bunker and about to Run Towards Their Bunker with Grenade.”

“That’s when Your Son Looked at Me. ‘Are you Crazy..? Your Wife and Children are Depending on You., and I am Still Unmarried., and I will Do the Death Charge and You Do the Covering’ and without waiting for an Answer., He Ran for ‘Death Charge’ after Taking the Grenade Forcibly from Me”

“Bullets Shattered Down Like Rain from Pakistani H.M.G. Your Son Dogged Over and Reached the Pakistani Bunker., and Took the Pin of the Grenade and Threw it Right into the Bunker and Sent Thirteen Pakistanis to Death. H.M.G. was Paralyzed and the Area Came Under Our Control.”

“I was the First to Lift and Evacuate Your Son’s Body. Sir., He had Forty-Two Bullets in His Body., Sir. I Lifted His Head in My Hand., Only then He Breathed His Last Breath. I asked the Superior to Give the responsibility for Bringing the Coffin to Your Village., but., Sir., Refused and another Important Duty to Do.”

“Maybe had I had the Privilege of Lifting the Coffin I would have Put These Flowers at His Feet. I couldn’t., but I have the Privilege of Putting These flower at Your Feet., Sir.” and J.C.O. Ends with a Sigh.

The Teacher’s Wife was Covering Her Mouth with a Sari and Crying Silently. The Teacher didn’t cry., and Looked at the J.C.O. decisively and the Soldier Didn’t Cry., and Saw the Teacher.

Don’t Know what the Teacher Thought. From Shoulder Bag, He Took a Package and Handed Over to the Soldier and said., “I bought a Shirt to My Son to Wear on when HE Come to Town on Leave., but He Didn’t. Then Came., the News of His Heroic Death…”

“Now., Who will Put on that Shirt… I Brought it to Keep it where He Died. Maybe He will Come to This Place as a Vapor and Let it Put it on., but Now I Know Who is to Wear This Shirt. Without Refusing., Please Take This.”

Tears Rolled Down in the eyes of the Soldier., who Reached Out and Took it.

One last thing the Kargil Hero’s Last Word was JAI HIND

Kargil Hero’s Name: Captain Vikram Batra.

Hero’s Father Name: Girdhari Lal Batra.
Hero’s Mother Name: Kamal Kanta.

P. S.: My Dear Friends., These Peoples are Our Real Heroes.

(The History of This Sacrifice is Not Likely to be Known by Our ‘Kongu Zone’ E.R. Eswaran)

Celebrate the Real Activists and Not Just Celebrities….

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