Cop28: US commits to close coal-fired power plants – as it happened


US announces crackdown on ‘super pollutant’ methane

Carbon dioxide is the big climate villain but its lesser-known cousin methane is also a powerful planet-heating pollutant.

The US has announced a major crackdown on methane emissions as part of a new effort to curb a “super pollutant” that is turbocharging the climate crisis, my colleagues Oliver Milman, Damian Carrington and Fiona Harvey report from Dubai.

The new rules are the centrepiece of global announcements to cut methane emissions at Cop28. The US estimates they will cut methane emissions from its vast oil and gas industry by 80% from levels that would be expected without the rule – a total of 58m tonnes by 2038.

US outlines measures to cut methane emissions by 80% in next 15 years
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