Important Cabinet decisions :


Important Cabinet decisions taken today:

1️⃣ Declaration of Surat Airport as an International Airport. The will add to its economic potential and connect the rapidly growing city to the international aviation landscape.

2️⃣ MoU between the United States of America and India to enhance innovation ecosystems through an innovation handshake.

3️⃣ MoC between India and Saudi Arabia on cooperation in the field of Digitization and Electronic manufacturing. Will promote ways of innovative training through e-Teaching, e-learning and exchange programs in the digitization and electronics manufacturing.

4️⃣ MoU between India and Tanzania on cooperation in field of sharing successful digital solutions implemented at population scale for digital transformations.

5️⃣ MoU between India and Italy on cooperation in Industrial Property Rights. Will support enterprises, especially start-ups and SMEs in accessing and participating in the national and international IPR systems.

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