Joe Biden declared officially President elect ! What next 


Joe Biden declared officially President elect ! What next 

Finally Joe Biden has been declared as the new President of the United States of America by the US college electorate. This will help the larger controversy  going around the oldest democracy in the world with all its consequences subside a bit. 

Any faltering hopes Trump might still harbour of hanging on to power were shattered on last week when the US supreme court  bluntly dismissed a lawsuit led by Texas to block Biden’s victory in four other states.

However that said, the legacy of President Trump will remain unprecedented for some time in multiple ways. Besides, others, the unusual bon homie between the US-India relationship will remain a major outcome of his tenure. Issues like Quad, Cyber security and other scientific collaborations, invite to G7 summit are just a few of them.

Besides, the Artemis accord and concept of Digital nations are other issues that merit attention. The “Digital Nations” is a group that was founded in 2014 by Britain, Estonia, Israel, South Korea and New Zealand. The group wants to mobilise digital technologies to enhance the quality of life for their citizens. India is not yet part of it but considering its strategic and other importance she must keep in the loop. Artemis accord is a space initiative launched by NASA where India can play an important role.

And it is here that the policy makers of the country need to tread cautiously. The priority of new US administration may change significantly. It is still quite early to define the fine prints of the new US administration, but it will certainly have its moments of ups and downs is a forgone conclusion vis versa India. Therefore the onus will be on India to make sure that the boats keep sailing without major hiccup. This will be a big challenge keeping in mind that the world has changed a lot 4 years. Therefore Biden may start with issues and countries that may be on priority. As usual Japan and the EU will be ahead on the list. India may come in the second year of his tenure. Some trade pullbacks may be on cards to normalise relations with China and restore the economy. Pakistan may get special consideration considering it has been dumped by the Trump admin.  Talks with Iran may restart as that country has been literally pushed into a corner by the Trump admin. Russia will be largely ignored as it will lose the power game in the new administration. It will be interesting to see the new admins line on Turkey and North Korea, both unpredictable nations. Israel and Saudi Arabia will be on the sidelines.

We are of the opinion that Biden may focus on China and hence Japan, South Korea and EU nations as allies. India can find the Climate Change accord help in Paris as a major point to revive the relationship with the new admin as Trump has literally thrown the climate change accord to the gutters. Climate and environment has been a major and most desirable planck of democrats in general. India can go ahead with this and try to align her interests with US as climate still remains the biggest challenge to human existence.

India must also keep the momentum on the Science and technological collaborations
Overall we can say that India will have some good diplomatic and behind the scenes work with the new administration of USA. It must start with earnestness and try to earn the respect and confidence of President Biden. There are still chances that the outgoing President may still have a few cards up his sleeves. Some astrological pointers suggest that President Trump may take some decisions wildly and irrationally before moving out. The country must remain alert on all developing stories around the world and try to remain safe.

As usual, strict eyes must be maintained on China which will try to assert itself again as it will find new opportunities for her ambitions of global domination. Economy will be a key factor in days to come. To summarise we are entering into a very uncertain future yet again for which we all must remain alert and prepared,.

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