Mr Kejriwal, no one has given you the rights to abuse the PM


Mr Kejriwal, no one has given you the rights to abuse the PM

Note: This letter has the approval of a good number and class of people from all walks of life including IITs, IIMs, SCIENTISTS, RESEARCHERS , Industry, business beside the Common man and others who believe in dignity in public conduct, language, office of importance and most importantly Bhadrata and National pride..

Mr Kejriwal, no one has given you the rights to abuse the PM

The Delhi Chief Minister
Sh Arvind Kejriwal.

Subject: Your perpetual abuses towards PM is not dignified.

Dear Mr Kejriwal

We the citizens of the country and especially people belonging to Delhi are fed up with with your daily doses of abuses to the honourable Prime Minister of the country. Sir, please consider him first as the PM of our great nation and nothing more or less. If you want to challenge him politically than please resign as the Chief Minister of Delhi and your seat, contest a parliament election and debate it in the Loksabha. However there are rules to conduct debates too, which I hope you will follow as a dignified citizen of the country.

The type of language (
that you use is nothing but what we call as ‘ Bhaddhi’ and ‘Bhounda’
( low and ugly ) level political stunt that does not suit any person let alone the CM of Delhi and to boast an IIT graduate.

Needless to say, your conduct falls under what we may call as ‘obsessive compulsive disorder ( You must have certainly read about this famous quote, ”

“Once Is Chance, Twice is Coincidence,

Third Time Is A Pattern”.

In democracy any one can use any language and logic to fit their purpose. But there has to be a threshold which we must adhere to. You have already been rendered and witness to public anger when shoes were hurled at you and even you were slapped.. We do not endorse such things but by continuously abusing others and higher offices of the country you have made yourself vulnerable and an ideal candidate for such actions. Do remember there is always a limit to public tolerance and patience. The rights that you enjoy as a citizen are also enjoyed by the common man on the street in democracy.

It seems that you are more fond of politics than anyone else and development and progressive issues does not matter to you any more. There are sufficient news floating everywhere about your mal- practices from imbecile personal character to duplicity, dishonesty to corruption,

So be it, it is an individual choice and we do not wish to argue with that . But it is requested that please keep politics confined to your narrow mindset and do not sullen the dignity of the Prime Minister and the government of India. There has to be discretion of language and public behavior that you have failed to adopt and are also unmindful of the high chair that you represent.

From the past record of your political career we are sure that our words will not make any effect on you and may be you will feel more charged but please note that as neutral observers of the political arena and government policies we feel obliged to inform and warn you that such tactics does not pay in the long term and you are loosing what ever reputation you had as a crusader and representative of Aam Aadmi.

The Aam Aadmi of the country and the state wants growth and development and not daily dose of politics.

We do not wish to argue on the merit of your cases or issues that you represent or raise voice against as we follow very closely all that is happening around us and in the country.

Suffice is to say that you can fool some one for a day but not perpetually. It will be better if you can focus on issues that concerns constitutional and ethical issues within your party (

Therefore please try to focus on real issues and try to work for which you get a sarkari bungla, big car, security and a hefty pay.

Is this not a cheating with the people of Delhi. You have been mandated to govern the state and not to poke your nose in unwarranted issues .

There are serious issues in Delhi and around that deserves your attention as CM . I do not wish to go into the details of all that. Have you checked the pollution of the city..As an example May i ask if you have taken any step to prevent that or solve it.,If you are so insensitive than why are you wasting your time and also distracting others to work. As CM we have to read and hear what you say and that takes our precious time and energy. You are un mindful of the obsession that you are carrying but we the people are aware of it and can see it. So it is our humble request to get above petty politics and try to concentrate on work. You are demeaning the IIT brand and also the name of the country. Enough has been said and we hope you are able to get the message correctly.

Hope you will at least have a review of what you are doing in the interest if the nation and people of Delhi.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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