NCERT needs a good director and more professionalism


NCERT needs a good director and more professionalism

Yesterday NCERT was trending on social media Twitter. The reason being, NCERT categorically in a reply to RTI, said that they don’t have any evidence to support the theory that Mughals rebuild temples after their destruction. Such fictional pieces of history have been peddled into school education by vested interests over the years. The previous Director of NCERT was a catastrophe who retired and had to go but only after making all the damages. The government didn’t find it appropriate to ask him to go early. NCERT needs a good visionary and bold Director in the first place.

However, now as the post of Director is being advertised it will take some time to fill the post. Meanwhile the sufferings of the organisation and hence the school education continues. The Modi govt has come up with an ambitious NEP that is a major challenge to implement. School education is in tantrums. Corona virus has make things worse. More importantly there is a general absence of motivation and career oriented goals in young minds. In the age of the internet girls have become more vulnerable and many things are happening at a secondary level that should raise enough eyebrows.

In such times the role of NCERT becomes more important to design a well planned syllabus and content for textbooks. THE National Curriculum Framework (NCF) that overviews the entire syllabus is being delayed. The Steering committee which guides the entire process is yet to be formed. The previous director is said to have placed an ISIS member in the advisory committee of NCERT speaks of the state of affairs. Under the circumstances it raises a serious question mark on the existence of such a big body that is responsible for the overall school education system in the country.

We request the authorities and the ministry of education to put NCERT on priority and make necessary decisions right from forming a steering committee to NCF process. It has to correct many false information in textbooks and make the whole content so interesting that children get knowledgeable and can achieve their goals. In the age of the internet one had to think what content should be part of the syllabus and what should be left.

Last but not least there is considerable dilution of Hindi as a subject in school curriculum. The Hindi that is being taught misses the great legacy of her writers and thinkers. The Hindi that we read in our school time no longer exists in school books. Similarly Sanskrit has been gradually diluted in the name of Vyavsayeek shisksha in some states ( MP) . All these are not good indicators especially when a government which swears in the name of nationalist colours. We request everyone to have a serious look in the affairs of NCERT.

Dr. Asheesh Shah


Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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