No words, Time to Act now


No words, Time to Act now: If we have to remain democratic then we cant remain silent ! Central govt should not allow this state ‘Gundaraj’ . It  is reflecting on them. 

The country has witnessed how democracy and whatever it stands for can be crushed by brute force, ego and vendetta driven agenda. To be fair this is not the first time and in our country we have seen democracy being exploited and ridiculed by many states and so Maharashtra is no exception. For years the Abdullahs and Muftis  ruled Kashmir like their own Jagirdari while pundits were kicked out. The CPI totally took West Bengal  while they are still milking the state of Kerala. The Dravidian parties have not allowed Tamilnadu to develop as much and we see the christian missionaries active there changing the demography of the state completely. 

However the high handedness shown by Maharashtra  makes history and is indicating that we are falling in a deep pit. We don’t wish to go into the merit of the case but we all know that this was a planned action to damage Arnab Goswami and his channel one could not have been shocked if it may have led to his encounter. When the soul has been compromised and ambitions and greed rule everything is possible.

Unfortunately the episode instead of Maharashtra is impacting the central government more than the state. the citizens of the country are expecting from the central government. They are looking towards PM Modi and HM Amit Shah to be the saviour of democracy and prevent the Maharashtra government from making a complete mockery of democracy. While everyone in BJP has criticized the Shivsena no action has come forth? This is a critical issue and the faith of the country must be restored to democracy and law and order in the country. This incident will also send a message to other states. Kerala and Maharashtra have already denied permission to CBI. States learn from one another and it becomes an established trendsetter and practice. 

Question is what action can be taken ? President rule is ruled out at this stage.  Let law take its own course. The whole police team must be given show cause notice and to respond in a weeks time. This will act as breaks. This is what is required as an immediate step. There can be other solutions too that the center may consider with legal and appropriate counselling. But action is must. As its reflects very poorly on the central government. 
And still if the BJP is looking for political fallout or  is hesitating to annoy ShivSena or NCP then GOD bless her. Because if Democracy fails and the country fails who will be there to rule and rule whom ? 

We saw the same in anti CAA protests and thanks to Corona that it was broken. There are reports that in Bengal minorities have taken procession against French government. We all know that PM Modi and HM Amit Shah are our last hope to save the country. Now is the time to act and save the nation. 

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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