Open invitation to Arvind Kejriwal to have an Intellectual Debate


Forget degrees, an Open invitation to Arvind Kejriwal to have an intellectual debate.
AK-symptoms of systemic disorders of the personality.

The city of Delhi needs a dedicated chief minister to work upon development and social issues. The city is literally dying a slow death and here the chief minister gives his time to spy on Prime Minister’s education. Has he really gone mental bankruptcy or is this an indication of his systematic disorder of the personality often displaying narcissistic and egoist behavior that has kept even his old colleagues out and away from him.
In the name of development the Post graduate degree holder from IIT Kharagpur finds childish Odd Even play, that keeps the citizens of the city tense and anxious and forcing to break laws, thus creating a habit to ignore law and order in the city. Is this expected from a post graduate or MTech. I would prefer a degree less or even fifth class fail minister on any day to such a IIT post graduate chief minister. ( sorry to write such brutal words but this is serious affair and the CM of delhi needs to get out of his shell) .
Here are some basic facts for the CM, lest he forgets.

The city of Delhi has a population of more than 16.75 million (2011 census) which continues to grow leap and bounds mainly due to migration by drought hit near by states and unemployments. It is 8th largest metropolis city of the world.
Projected Population of India and Delhi upto 2026 (000)
Sl. No. As on 1st March India Delhi % Population of Delhi to India

1. 2005 1095722 15569 1.42
2. 2010 1176742 17935 1.52
3. 2015 1254019 20676 1.65
4. 2020 1326155 23818 1.80
5. 2025 1388994 27263 1.96
6. 2026 1399838 27982 2.00

It is evident that the Delhi‟s population to the national level may enhance from 1.42 per cent in 2005 to 2 per cent in 2026.

As per 2011 census, the density of population in Delhi worked out at 11297 persons per square kilometer as against the national level of 382 persons per square kilometer. Density of population in Delhi was the highest among all States and Union Territories during the year 2011. Even a layman will tell that Delhi needs a very high focussed approach towards infrastructure and other social developmental issues.

However , and rather disgustingly, – with such kind of population growth and the level of pollution rising by the day in the city – it is a pity that the chief minister of Delhi finds time again and again on non issues like DEGREE of the Prime Minister with no regard for an critical ongoing parliament session, development issues and above all Prime Minister office dignity. Mr Kejriwal must also know that he is not just referring to Narendra Modi but the hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Republic of India . He is the leader of this country and has attained this position after an overwhelming population of the country votes him and found most suitable for the post. And mind his share of admirers still keeps increasing over his opposition including Mr Arvind Kejriwal.
I am tempted to invite the Delhi Chief Minister for an open debate on intellectual or literary issues if he is so focussed on the degrees of the Prime Minister.

It is still not too late. The citizens of the delhi has voted him ( for what ever reasons) and now it is incumbent upon the Chief Minister to atleast show some sincerity about work and be responsible to the state.
Let him know that no citizen would commit a mistake again if he fails to apply his time and energy towards delhi issues and leave politics to others.

And is the Delhi chief Minister wants to test his intellectual pursuits here is an invitation from me to him. Let us have an open debate on any issue that he wishes . fair and transparent. And Mind I am the Aam Aadmi of the city and the country unlike him .

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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