Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds POK-Balochistan mirror to Pakistan


The statement of the hon’ble PM we believe was a brave, bold and strategic statement, (

and exposes Pakistan where it hurts (

A brief Prof and cons analysis is as follows:

1. To win a war there has to be an element of surprise to it. By offering a carte blanche so far India had given an upper hand to Pakistan. However by giving the statement on Balochistan from the Red Fort on the eve of Independence day India has given a major shock to Pakistan. This will keep Pakistan in check for time to come. However as a defeated soldier it may try to attack India by way of some daredevil / rash terror attack for which the country must be suitable prepared.

2. By opening the crevice and weak nerve of Pakistan, India will be able to bleed Pakistan more effectively and will make it realise its folly and policy on Kashmir. This may not happen immediately but loosing Balochistan will be the like the last nail in the coffin of the Pakistan military’s ego and arrogance. After the loss of Bangladesh, and finally Balochistan it will not be able to stand before its people which consider it to be superior than its political parties. The Pakistan army and political class understands this very well. They have been waging a war against India in the name of Kashmir to satisfy their false ego which was brutally hit with the loss in 1972.

3. In any case Pakistan does not appear to abandon its claims and terror attacks on Kashmir and hence India even remotely. Those who believe that India should have adopted a patience and peaceful process and keep talking with Pakistan in the hope of an elusive friendship are far off from reality, too liberal and in fact are living in a dreamy and fancy world. For decades now Pakistan has been following a policy of anti India and has tried to spread hatred against India and Kashmir from all platforms. All through these years India has adopted a no first attack policy which favours any enemy of the day. Pakistan has long abandoned the logic and rationality of a peaceful and friendly relationship with India.

4.The Pak army and ISI has found that the interest of the Pakistanis (read of a select few belonging to Army, ISI and politicians) are best served with anti India rhetoric. It also satisfies the fundamentalist Islamic lobby like Talibanist, Jamate Islami. Hizbul M, Lashkare Taiba and other Jihadist groups. It helps all these groups and organization to gain importance at the global stage . By adopting a policy based on terrorism, drugs, mafia, guns, illegal trafficking, jihad and anti India , pro Kashmiri statements the Pakistani establishment that essentially comprises of all these groups have maintained their position in Pakistan. No true leader worth his/her name have been able to break this nexus. Only a divine intervention or a divine soul can help Pakistan to come out of this waywardness. However India cannot wait indefinitely for that to happen.

5. The claim of Salman Khurshid and hence congress that by raising Baloch we have diluted our claims on PoK is as absurd as it can be. The statement and language used by Khurshid who was involved with fake NGO case is bereft of any political sanity and is nothing but spells his frustration with Modi govt. (

6. India has bought the plight of Baloch at the International level where human rights have suffered a lot and atrocities on normal public is the order of the day. This can be used favorably by India to cage Pakistan who already suffers on such accounts and has been racially very active. No country has so far paid attention to Balochistan and therefore its good for the people of Balochistan to find a voice and also seek International assistance. (

7. Raising PoK/Gilgit is eminently justified as both are subjects of UN Security Council resolutions, bilateral agreements and an Indian parliamentary resolution. It is also an area seeing enhanced Chinese presence and is the route for the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), thus assuming great strategic significance. As per Article 6 of 1963 Sino-Pakistan border agreement, it is accepted that the status of land ceded by Pakistan, including the Shaksgam Valley and its surrounding areas, will be finally determined “after the settlement of the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan” by negotiations between China and “the sovereign authority concerned.” (


1. India has provided Pak an opportunity to be more bold on Kashmir.

2. It will attract international bodies to this part.

Conclusion: Thus as we see the Pros outweights and outnumbers the cons in big way. Therefore the PM has done a very important and strategic step to curtail Pakistan and now this can be used as an important tool by India.

There can be some short term volatility and attacks by Pakistan to showcase its anger and frustration but that can be handled as usual and the country must remain prepared for it.

BY initiating this element of SURPRISE, Narendra Modi has indeed shown to the world he cannot be cowed down especially on issues of strategic importance and Pakistan cannot continue to play nonsense on the eve of India’s independence day.

It is also important to pin point that persons like Salman Khursihd are doing great disservice to the nation and the congress by issuing such irresponsible statements ( ).

The congress should either completely disown Khurshid or take full responsibility of what he has said so that the public knows what it stands for.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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