Republic day special::Why are they farting ? Digvijaya, Maurya, Owaisi, Nitish …And Why are we tolerating such people who are weakening our democracy for decades.


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Why are they farting ? Digvijaya, Maurya, Owaisi, Nitish …And Why are we tolerating such people who are weakening our democracy for decades

We have said multiple times that we are least interested in political stories, but when we see people (read politicians) weakening our democracy then we feel helpless and the only way to counter these self-serving people is to raise our voices and to inspire and motivate others to do the same. We also expect that people in the high seat, policymakers, and others would take note of it and think to prevent such persons from exploiting our democratic system for vested interests. One common theme among all such types of people is their desperation as they feel left out and defeated by BJP, Modi, and age. They are the demoralized studs who believe in ‘ marege to do char ko mar kar marege’ , unfortunately here they are willing to kill the nation. The country has to be really careful about such jerks who lose their ‘Vivek’ and become villains.

Let us start with Digvijay Singh who even at this ripe age has not been able to overcome his political ambitions by wisdom. He made a statement once again raising doubts over the Indian counter-surgical attack on Pakistan (Ref
( .We fail to understand why this man rates the country so low and self-interest so high. 2. Then we have another ***** who says certain verses of Ramcharitra Manas must be deleted

 ( .That we are still living and tolerating such people ( no they can’t be called as politicians let alone leaders ) is a projection of our weak democracy. The reason these people are making such statements is to divide the Hindus ( as BJP was able to unite and win UP ). The equations in the country is very simple. It also explains why some political parties go after minorities to woo them to any extent at the cost of and even forget national interest. The same tactics were used by the Britishers against us which led finally to the division of the nation. That we are still having and tolerating such people speaks to how weak and vulnerable we still are. This is our Achilles heel and instead, the people who are supposed to heal it are using to create cracks is highly objectionable. Obviously, such people do not belong to anyone. More importantly, we have to think about how the nation can be saved from such mean filthy persons.

 The Britishers and leftists attacked Brahmins and patronized minorities in a very shrewd move that continues to date. We agree that there were certain issues within the Hindu caste system that need to be addressed. But the manner in which the whole Brahmins were put to task and have made persona Non-Gratia speaks of how far politics has been played against us for weakening the nation and self-serving interests. Brahmins were the pillars of our culture and the nation and the Gurukul and education system that existed before the Britishers made us slaves is mind-boggling and unparalleled in history.At times we wonder why we gloat about ourselves. We have lost lands to Britishers, China, and invaders. We have been exploited, cheated, beaten, harassed, slaved, and whatnot. We should have been more circumspect and a fighter class of people who were willing to take back our lost lands, heritage, and values. But post-independence we lost our precious time running after fancy ideas and Bollywood heroes and heroines. Lavish Life all of a sudden became the number one goal for us that made all compromise look simple and straight. Integrity, honesty, and simplicity were put on the back burner. We have seen the generation our parents belonged to and the generations after that. In the last 40- 50 years of time, we have broken all the limits and crossed the thresholds (Dahleej). We have already written about Owaisi in one of our previous posts so we will not repeat it here. Suffice it to say that we have to protect our delicate nation and democracy from such people who will sell their mothers for their own interests. 


The time has come to publicly isolate, rebuke and embarrass such persons openly and with certain boldness and confidence. The BJP and Sangh have long played the defensive game. Though the BJP has reacted to the comments of both Digvijay and Maurya yet the force was missing and it was just a political counter. Instead, public rallies should have been taken out. These two organizations need to be more vociferous in countering such forces and make sure that they are exposed across the country. The BBC documentary issues have also been lightly taken. Some more aggression had to be shown. In summary, to protect the nation and its values the BJP and Sangh have to shelve some of their diplomacies and call a spade a spade. Until that happens the self-serving people will continue to cut the pound of flesh shamelessly. Democracy can be saved only when the majority and nationalists come out and speak out against the villains. Dr Asheesh Shah

Good morning and best wishes. Jai Shri Krishna Show quoted text

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