Sack Raghuram Rajan: Subramanian Swamy writes to PM Narendra Modi


Swamy versus Rajan: Shooting from the Hip

The irresistible Subramanian Swamy was back in the news or rather was in his usual self with his statement about Rajan. (

Within hours of the statement, the result was out. The Netizens voted in favour of Rajan. (

Allthough Mr Swamy is known for his honest and purist form of politics but at times such politicians are also known to miss their targets. This time Mr Swamy picked the wrong target. Raghuram Rajan the suave RBI governor is the jewel in the crown of Modi Government. One man who has not budged , who has been honest with his job, who has taken his praise and critics fairly well, Who has been lecturing to students across the country, who has spoken straight from his heart, who has taken the burnt on the issue of industrial growth from politicians as well as punters 0f the stock markets, who has been a thorn in the eyes of Industrialists and the list goes ..on.

But one cannot deny the fact that he did what he thought was best in the interest of the country. Am that single point was curbing inflation which had risen like a demon in the past. If we are living in ‘ partial happier times ‘ today if not full, the credit must surely go to Mr Rajan ( besides the fall in oil prices ).

Therefore to point the guns towards Mr Rajan was rather a needless action that could have been avoided. But than Mr Swamy is not a politician who would like to spare his ‘bete noire; so easily. By bringing him into the ring Modi has certainly taken the winds out of the sail of the congress. But he has also opened another planck where one will see lot of blood bath. oNly time will tell whether the move fullfilled the objective or has backfired.

As a erudite Harvard alumni and learned teacher we all appreciate Subramanian Swamy. He could be the the asset of the Modi government. He can play a much larger positive role in the development of the nation and yes taking some core Hindu issues that no one else dares to take.

And for that he may be excused on this count. But than Mt Swamy must also know that he will be taking risks on his good will quotient as well increase his enemies in the party.

We leave it for Mr Swamy to decide his future course of actions and of course statements. For no one else can control this dynamic personality except for himself. However we would suggest to save the bullets and the gun powder for the real targets.

Best wishes.. Ameen.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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