Some Astro combinations and Surya Grahan on 20/21 April 20/21 April 2023. PM Must not lower guard on security.


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19 April 2023
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Some Astro combinations and Surya Grahan on 20/21 April 20/21 April 2023. PM Must not lower guard on security.

A very critical planetary combination has taken place in the skies. Mars and Mercury

two of the fastest planets have exchanged signs. So we have Mars in Gemini ruled by
Mercury, and Mercury in Aries ruled by Mars. Though such exchanges are common
but what is unique this time is that Aries also has Rahu and Sun in it. So essentially
Mars get the company of Sun and Rahu through exchange While Mercury also takes
the essence of Rahu with iyt when it gives the result of gemeni.

Mars will thus be looking at Ketu opposite from Aries in Libra. This combination led
to the killing of Atiq Ahmed the dreaded mafia gang leader. Mercury in the company
of Rahu, signifies the fact that the three person came in the form of journalist. Mars
and mercury both signifies youth and Ketu in the sign Libra signifies Atiq who was
the target. Mars and Mercury also signifies boldness and high tech / intellignet
means. Dont be surprised if one gets to know the level of communication means used
in this while episode.

On another note we also going to have Surya Grahan on 20/21 April i.e. tomorrow. It
is becasue of this reason. Venus the planet ruling India is going through th sign
Taurus. 14 degrees in the nakshatra of Rohini ruled by Moon. Soon it will be going
to mrigshira ruled by Mars. Venus in Mrigshira signifies a bit harsh conditions for
the country esp when supported by other combinations. Right now Saturn is also
going through the nakshatra of Rahu i.e. Shatbhisha. Jupiter will be also in the
nakshatra of Ketu i.e. Ashwini when it moves to aries from next week. Add the solar
eclipse to all this and one gets a bad combination for geo politocs and also the nation.

And therefore when we saw the open convoy of PM Modi, with huge public on both
sides of the road in Mangalore, we were shocked. Though we know that Karnataka
elections are important for BJP, still the PM is more important than anything else as the destiny of the nation lies on his shoulders. We dont think India is going to get
another golden oppostunity soon if this one goes. The PM must not take unncessary
risks for the sake of elections. Atleast for now. We dont say he should not canvass
but taking risks is not justified no matter what kind of security one has. There are
many gunning for the PM and Yogi Adityanath and Amit Shah.

BTW an intruder ( toddler ) was just caught near White House a day or two before.

Therfeore one must not take astro combinations lightly. Toddler are represented by
Mercury in astrology. One can link what we have said about mercury above.

Saturn can be also seen in the company of Ketu in D9 charts. China is governed by
Saturn. Therefore movement of saturn from Shatbhisha and also in the company of
Ketu is not a good combination as it shows perverted mindset of the dragon.

The same combination also rules Indian judiciary and dont be surprised if some
unorthodox decisions comes out from the apex court especially on LGBTQ ( Gay)
rights. This whole LGBTQ is a perverted combination of planets when planets like
Venus ( love) and Mars ( menhood) are spoiled and damaged by Ketu. Nature keeps
producing all sort of combination and souls keep taking birth in them. People born under such combinations
need correction and guidance. but the whole thing has been
blown by western liberal movement. The westren thought of liberal values is highly
flawed. For them liberty overrules everything whether its justifie dor not, good or
bad, ethical or not. For them individuals right matters over and above everything
else. This is foolish. For example there is a serial – Obsession – streaming on Netflix,
where the protagonist is having affair with the girlfriend of his own son. Such things sows seed of pervertness in the minds of many. Therefore we must be aware of the times we are going through where in the name of freedom and liberty everything becomes sacrosanct and for public consumption. Perhaps these are all signjs of Kali Yuga.


The times are not good and the solar eclipse signifies start of some bad period in
terms of weather, public incidents and government levels. The PM and the nation
must be prepared and alert for all such things. We also suggest that the pM must not
take undue risks for atleast another month. The heat wave in Maharashtra is a case in
point. We will say that this incident could have been at a more higher proportion if it
has happened say after a week or ten days. Therefore the government must be careful
with respect to public and elections and gatherings. Such incidents are capable of
toppling governments no matter how popular one is.

Finally we cant resist to write a word about Delhi CM. Kejriwal has A STRONG
SUN . The solar eclipse therefore is the worst thing to happen for the delhi CM. Dont be surprised if he is taken into….in next few days.

Best Wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah


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