Some expectations from BJP and Sangh parivar: Let us work out long term strategy. Selection of competent individuals is a key aspect of this.


Some expectations from BJP and Sangh parivar: Let us work out long term strategy. Selection of competent individuals is a key aspect of this.

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The best thing to happen to the country is the emergence of PM Modi and HM Amit Shah at the center. Then there is a very active leadership in the Sangh Parivar also with 6 dynamic thinkers positioned with Sar Sangh Chalak Mohan Bhagwat ji. This is a unique combination that the country has been blessed with during such troubled times.

No doubt then the country has been seeing many initiatives over the last few years from the construction of Ram mandir, to abrogation of 370 and many other ground breaking schemes. However at the same time there are certain things that are missing from the radar of both BJP and Sangh as well as these all big leaders from both organizations. We will give a short summary of our expectations in clear, uncertain terms only as a feedback without any malice or ambition of our own.

1. There are some critical issues facing the country. They may require a very calibrated strategy and solution. There is a need to work out a long term national policy rather than anything short term.

2. The ideological fight between Left versus right planks will only increase in days and years to come. The emergence of Social media as well as new tactics adopted by the cactivists to storm Delhi and capture key places in capitol is something of a new challenge that has to be thought over.

3. There are people, organizations and lobbies/activists that need to be tracked on a daily basis for their activities. A lot is happening at the national and international levels. People have become more aggressive. We have been getting stories of how China has manipulated the pandemic situation to her advantage. There are many moles from China and Pakistan working in the country. These moles / agents have been working on behalf of PLA and other organizations. The govt has to be aware of all such nefarious activities happening.

4. Both these organizations have to create a proper strategy to develop future generation leaders. There are many talented persons in the country who are not getting the desired platform or opportunity to contribute. The biggest priority and challenge for these organizations should be to identify, track and provide opportunities to these future leaders who can bring the Desired CHANGE in the country. A one good leader is better than 10 average leaders. That should be the mantra.

5. There is a big GAP between karyakartas and leadership in these organizations. Camps and campaigns must be held for interactions giving opportunity for people to mingle and air their views. Region wise camps should be held for these purposes every year. This will also help preparations for 2024 and other elections right now. There are key states and cities that have to be under BJP . Delhi and Mumbai are two such cities.

6. Bothe bjP and Sangh have to be two steps ahead of all others in terms of thinking. The world is changing very fast. China will become the biggest challenge to handle in days to come . Fresh challenges will be coming from unknown quarters. The nation and nationalist organizations have to be ahead in identifying the threats and handling the challenges. The Chinese aggression in recent times is a case in point.

7. Appointment of individuals at Key positions. The biggest disappointment from these organizations is the lackluster appointment of individuals at key positions that are supposed to bring change. There are many such cases from AICTE, IIT directors to many others. There are people who are more arrogant than good listeners who can take feedback to improve. BJP and Sangh must not see academic credentials as the criterion but humbleness as a first eligibility because one arrogant person can kill the organization more than anyone else. We don’t know how the BJP and Sangh will bring the change in the country with such an attitude and practices. They have to work solutions that go beyond power and governments. It is the people who bring change and not power and being in govts.


We have outlined a brief summary of challenges that BJP and Sangh have to take very very seriously. Our worry is not of the present but of the future. Out frustration is not for today but when these organizations are in power but when they will not be in power.

We hope and expect both these organizations to think long term and work out strategies that can help the nation to strengthen. Selection of people and individuals is an important aspect of this strategy. Besides identifying threats and challenges in advance to find appropriate solutions. Hope we are able to convey our message properly.

Dr Asheesh Shah

Asheesh Shah
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