State elections and The BJPs organizational problem


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16 April 2023
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State elections and The BJPs organizational problem

Come state elections and we start seeing disappointed , frusrtrated faces from BJP besides other parties who start leaving the party as they are not given ticket to fight the elections. At times this becomes so high that it directly impacts the election results.

There is also infighting among the party cadres especially at the higher level ( in state

basically) and proves to be the reason behind the partys loss. The coming state elections
in Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh are likely to see or are seeing the result of all
such things. IN Karnataka some big names are dropped out of party candidates , out of

which one has already joined congress while the fate of other is still unknown. (Last updated Mr Jagdish Shettar ex CM of bjp has joined congress)

IN Rajasthan we know how the party is being mocked by internal fighting. In MP we are going to see some interesting voter pattern in the forthcoming elections. IN Delhi
the party is unable to give a tough fight to Arvind Kejriwal who despite all the
corruption charges and his ministers under policy custody keeps surviving and even
getting bold by the day, becasue there is no Convincing leader from BJP against the
AAP party.

However we dont see this phenomenon from election victory or loss point of view. Our
observation is based on rather ideological and organizational issues. We think that
people who are given BJP tickets must have strong ideological backgrounds so that if
they are not given ticket they still continue to keep working for the party. We have seen
this at the central level when recently many ministers were dropped from the center
cabinet, but none of them have changed party or quit BJP. Question is WHY ? becasue
they all are hardened party karyakartas for years . Whether its Prakash Javadekar or Dr
Harshvardhan, we cant expect these old karyakartas to even think of changing party
loyalty. so why does it happens at state level. Obviously there is shortfall in party ideology at local leveles and its easier to change sides

Ambition is a part and parcel of politics but we are of the opinion it must be secondary
to ideology. Yes there are years and even decades when a genuine party worker is
denied ticket while some opportunist is able to contest election on partty ticket. There
are also instances when a sitting MLA or even ex minister or strong party leader for
years is dropped. But then is quitting the party is the way to go ?


Clearly this also points that at the oragnizational level BP has to indoctrine its ideology
to the cadres and not just look for elections and results.

Second, It also have to keep rotating its cadres between power and work on the
ground. WE have been advocating this now for some time that continuous power gives
greed , and arrogance. If the country has to strengthen and sustain for long as a one
strong nation

There is also a need to develop more brotherhood within the party.. The party is divided
between people who are on the right side of power and who are not . These gaps creates
friction, jealous and frustration. The party must hold events and try to bring all party
cadres under one umbrella. Why dont the party higher ups dont mingle with lower
cadres and keep meeting . The BJP should be seen as a party that is made os
karyakartas who all love the nation and keep it over and above all other things. But
what has happened is that the smart people have kept their own interests above nation
and the party while the other section who is more innocent and emotional keep working
for the nation and hence suffer a lot. Such disparity within the party is disturbing and
cannot guarantee that the party will lead to a strong and one nation going forward.


BJP has the challenge to work on organizational level. It has got good power for years now. Its growing for sure but will it sustain for next 20 years and thereafter, that is the
challenge. Power corrupts people and organization. When the fate of the country is tied
to the party and its mentor the Sangh, the responsibility is much higher.

Though political ambition leads to dissent and party workers and leaders keep moving, we dont take this as a good sign. This is what points to some failure on the part of the BJP organization. Some will say that this will always happen as political greed and ambition will make people flock from one party to other, but we think otherwise. We
are of the opinion that even if one good leader leave sthe party its not a good sign. That
is where we suggest the party to inculcate more idelogical mental set up in its cadres.

Also power should not remain with few individuals and must keep rotating. Finally BJP must organise events where all big and small leaders can mingle. This can happen with some training and organizational / history based lectrures.

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