Surgical strike-The political Strategy behind Rahul and Kejriwal statements


Nothing is sacrosanct in politics. That is the latest message that we get from the statements coming first from Kejriwal and than Rahul Gandhi ( Interestingly both praised Narendra Modi before launching their scathing attack doubting the veracity of surgical strike. Rahul Gandhi going a step further and linking it to ‘ Dalali’ meaning it was a propagandist activity to garner public votes at the cost of Army.

No doubt Winston Churchill said famously “Democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried”..Those watching US elections will also vouch for the same. Certainly the freedom of expression is the biggest gift in democracy where one can say no bar hold what ever one wishes be it Trump or Kejriwal.

While some astrologer has said to Arvind that he has a big chance to be in politics he failed to tell him that he also stands to get beaten in public if he keeps stooping low and lower. This man’s strategy is simple. If you throw a stone at common man no one knows but if you dare to throw at PM everyone takes a note..I doubt about the IIT credential of Arvind Kejriwal as I have known IITians for many years now. They certainly are eccentric but nothing like Kejriwal. Similar is the case for Somnath Bharti. IIT has multiple courses and some of the courses / degrees can be taken easily as compared to the tough Btech in Computer sc or electrical, mechanical ..i.e. core branches thus getting IIT alumni status.

While Kejriwal stands a good chance for being assaulted in public and to the point of getting killed in the scuffle ( that is probability based upon his statements..nothing else) Rahul Gandhi is another character who seems to take wrong path often at the advice of his close friends. I wonder which vote bank he is targeting.

The essential strategy behind the statements of the two mavericks was to create doubt in the public mind. This was necessary as Modi was seen to be riding a great public positive opinion and would have and even now stands to gain politically out of it in UP and elsewhere.

This is not to say that the surgical strike happened to take political mileage out of it. The operation could have been gone wrong and Modi would not have been able to show his face forget the 56 inch chest. It was a high risk operation both in terms of military and political outcomes. The stakes were certainly high and therefore there cannot be any question of political decision in it. We dont think any other government could have taken this decision. The congress would have called United States to help. To strike crossing LOC is not the cup of tea of the congress ( in its present avatar) and certainly not Arvind who will get wiped out any day and lick the grounds from his grandeur delusions.

NO community Hindu, muslim, sikh, Christian at this moment has come out against the strikes. The bollywood fraternity is fighting just because of commercial issues. Karan Jauhar who belong to one of the most ‘Baniya class’ of caste of the country can be excused as he cannot think beyond money for sure. Mahesh Bhatt and Amrish Puri always tend to take an opposite and often contentious line of approach to get publicity and show their intellectual class (sic).

Therefore the statement of Rahul is certainly to create doubt in the minds of the people and rob Modi from the political gains. It will be really foolish on the part of the govt to showcase the operation modus operandi in detail. The army has wisely come out against this and so has the defence minster.

The government must not bite the bullet and show the operation even to MPs and in the parliament. It will be a breach of trust and faith that our army has in our democracy and people. Let us not insult them any further.

What Rahul and Kejriwal forget out of their political strategy is how conveniently they forget that there is also a third party in it who cannot defend itself because they believe and are taught to be in discipline come what the political class says. The line of divide and the doubt that Rahul and Kejriwal are trying to draw for their political mileage can hurt the moral of the the army.

Enough evidences have come out in the media and the reactions and subsequent events in Pakistan is ample proof that the surgical operation was indeed a very potent and successful event that has shaken the Pakistan army.

Let the BJP give a political answer to the opposition rather than succumbing to the ugly and divisive propaganda of the opposition.

Politics has to be answered politically and not emotionally in any case. We dont want to advice Kejriwal as he is marching on an unbridled and unchecked course but certainly to Rahul Gandhi who still has some good rating poltically ( INdia today poll showed him at number two as likely PM ) to avoid such high stake litical statemets which can take all his gains in one single go.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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