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It’s not all gloom and doom when it comes to Corona virus. Away from public attention and the negative news flooding social media and media over lack of Remdisivir, Oxygen, Beds and of course politics, there are people and startups who all are doing a great job fighting the corona virus and providing solutions to the needy. Here we list a few companies that have already made their mark in providing practical and feasible solutions., Dozee, Mfine , C-Camp-indx are just a few of them.[1]. 
1. started by founder Prashant Warier provides  high quality and affordable diagnoses across the world. Committed to providing healthcare providers with all the support to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Partnering with clinicians has helped them to identify the most relevant problems, and create real-world solutions. Much of their research is done in collaboration with hospitals, universities and research institutions.

The start up offers solutions that have been adapted to the unprecedented and changing environment, with

  • COVID-19 progression monitoring tool – qXR
  • Pandemic Response Care Platform – qScout
  • Technical and operations teams available round the clock to assist patients and hospitals. 

One of their success story can be seen in mumbai. The resilient Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), swiftly sprang into action, devising multiple strategies to test, isolate, and treat in an attempt to contain the pandemic and avoid significant damage. Given the availability and effectiveness of chest x-rays, they were identified to be an excellent tool to rule-in cases that needed further testing to ensure that no suspected case was missed out. Though Mumbai saw a steep rise in cases more than any other city in India, MCGM’s efforts across various touchpoints in the city were augmented using Qure’s AI-based X-ray interpretation tool – qXR – and the extension of its capabilities and benefits.  [2]. 

2. Dozee: The second start is Dozee which is founded by Mudit provides vey important support to patients by turning a normal ward or even home into a full fledged ICU by using state of the art sensors and ICT. It converts non-ICU beds into step-down ICUs with  contactless health monitoring technology at a fraction of the cost, thereby improving the patient outcomes, increasing ICU throughput, and improving operational efficiency of the medical staff. Thus it is able to keep continuous check on any health deterioration or recovery of acute and sub-acute patients at home, post-surgery. After being tested and proven to be 98.4% as accurate as medical-grade devices the first Dozee device was sold in 2019. All through 2020, Dozee became a crucial part of Covid wards across India, helping doctors and nurses monitor their critical patients constantly and remotely.[3].
Mudit is a first generation entrepreneur and technology buff. He is also an avid car racer . Supported by Gaurav and IIT indore graduate they have built this life saving system which is helping many patients.
3. MFine: Is another startup that is helping patients in this pandemic times. It covers many diseases with a panel of doctors across India and also connects with Hospitals. It is able to monitor SPO2 ( oximeter) by converting mobile phone into oximeters. IT has raised $16 million in funding led by Heritas Capital along with participation from Singapore-based family office of Y’S Investment Pte Ltd.The company plans to use the funds raised to increase its investments in artificial intelligence, mobile engineering and device integration, expanding its hospital network across the country and scaling its recently launched services including delivering medicines, preventive health screenings and diagnostic tests. The Bengaluru-based startup has benefitted from the adoption of telemedicine amid the pandemic-induced lockdowns in the country. The release of telemedicine guidelines by the Indian government has aided the digital health industry.
Founded by Kompalli and Ashutosh Lawania in December 2017, MFine provides users with on-demand access to medical care through virtual consultations and connected care programmes. It claims to have over 4,000 doctors across 35 specialities from 600 prominent hospitals.

Mfine was one of the finalists in the Covid-led Healthcare category at The Economic Times Startup Awards 2020.

The company said that more than one million users have used its platform to teleconsult with doctors to teleconsult with doctors on chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis and acute illnesses including viral infections. It has also been used for services like diagnostics, health checks, radiology and e-pharmacy.[5]. Over the past year, the startup has launched services such as AI-based self-assessment of various health conditions, long term care programs for chronic conditions and membership to offer benefits on all the services for its consumers and corporates.
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