The big Game Changer::Modi makes 9/11 as historical date for India as people see the Acche din not far behind


We at Samanvaya welcome the big move by the honourable Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi. We believe that this will bring the much needed push for India and more importantly mindset. For sure PM Modi has given a firm signal that no one can take things for granted and black money launderers will fear the government for any more surprises. The biggest community that is happy is the middle class which is expecting heavy cuts in real estate prices and good days for honesty. There are talks of acche din on Whats app group.

There is a possibility of some Panic on the street deliberately or for real. The government has to be watchful for any unwarranted scenario.

It is really difficult to estimate how much money has turned into waste by tonight ( unaccounted). Some of our thoughts and impacts seen are given below:-

1. It will be interesting to note in the next few days, weeks and month what new tricks will be adopted by people indulged in black money .

For the intelligent people of the country have been involved in such activities for years.

2. Therefore the government has to increase its vigilance if it wants to make the scheme successful..It may have to work overtime and keep people informed through news channels about rumours and miscreants.

3. Some vested interest people/group/party may try to use the poor section of the society to highlight the hardship faced by people ..Therefore the government must take all steps to curb such activities and also make sure the poor does not suffer.

4. There will be attempts to use hospitals, temples, trusts to siphon of money ..Need to check such soft spots.

5. There will be large Hawala transactions. I was in the gulf and have seen how Hawala works. It is seamless and very efficient. Millions of rupee can be transferred from one place to other without raising any eyebrow. How the government will check this hawala transactions is beyond our comprehension as of now.

6. The government has taken a bold and much required step. It is now up to the people and the honest citizen to support the steps taken by the government.

7. The opposition parties and people like Arvind Kejriwal must be watched not to misuse the sincere effort of the government. A positive support from media is expected and their role will be also crucial to make the scheme a success. The government can hold press conference and seek their cooperation. This should be seen as a national effort to curb terrorism and black money rather than apolitical issue.

8. Government must reman silent and try to facilitate services and money flow in the system. It should not try to boast for the move. Let the people realize and understand and support it.

9. 11 November is Dev Uthani Gyaras with thousands of marriages. Hope no untoward incident takes place on this occasion esp. for the bride and her family.

10. Need to keep a tight watch on real estate, gold, and stock price movement the heavens for black market and money launderers.

Overall the country has been taken by surprise and shaken from its slumber. As seen on Whats App group the move has been praised by and large.

It is what the country needed. People have started seeing the PM Narendra Modi through a different lens now. Now people will understand what is meant by Acche Din..

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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