The Enigma of Kashmir


The Enigma of Kashmir, Pakistan and Muslims
The valley is burning, Pakistan is playing with fire as usual while the ISIS is trying to bring the whole world under a Islamic rule that reminds one of Barbarians. (
Ever since the Maharaja of Kashmir Raja Hari Singh signed the accession of the state of Jammu and Kashmir to India i.e. on 28 th october 1947, Pakistan has tried to use all the tricks that it can to separate it from India. All though the accession was total and complete as Lord Mountbatten has said, ” I do hereby accept this instrument of accession. This instrument of accession was complete with offer and acceptance”, and the state of J and K is ruled by a democratically elected government, Pakistan has not shown any inclination to accept the reality.
Few weeks back, the former Foreign minister of Pakstan Hina Rabbani Khar told a local television channel that Pakistan cannot conquer Kashmir through war ( . Therefore when a prominent section of Pakistan intelligentsia thinks and knows this why do Pakistani led incidents happen in Kashmir now and than. ??
The question therefore to be asked is, is this a really Pakistani obsession problem or something greater. As we know the Muhammad Ghori invaded Prithviraj Chauhan as many times until he became victorious. The war campaigns of Ghori were not linked to any border disputes or people’s cause. It was just for extending the Islamic rule across the country. Such stories inspire Jihadi Pakistanis and hence they will continue to play with Kashmir and India no matter what. Something similar can be heard in the voice of Nawaz Shariff (
But why look to 1000 years old history when we have something more similar in contemporary times. The ideology of Pakistan’s ISS, ISIS and the Mullah’s of Pakistan are almost similar. It is to have a Islamic rule over the world. For the first time and after the world war II, there is a serious challenge to international peace and prosperity that needs attention of all nations, their leaders, and all others. The political class of Pakistan is too weak and selfish to denounce the extremist. The military has also found a tool in the form of Kashmir and a useful ploy to keep their clout at the national and international level.
The recent attacks in France, Germany and other parts of the world should be an eye opener for the world. It is sort of Now or Never situation that needs to be handled with utmost emergency by the world leaders. The Obama administration has been a big failure politically and the rise of Trump surely points towards this. ISIS should have been smothered before it could have raised its
To term Kashmir problem merely a local or regional problem is half truth. The other half is, it stems from the fundamentalist and conservative Islamist approach towards other religions and mankind. ( It should have been clear to Indian leadership way back, that, in Kashmir Pakistan (read Islamic fundamentalist) has got a ploy to tinker against India and it will do it without any visible end. Which country observes black day when a terrorist gets killed , it could be only
Pakistan. The world leaders need to ask why any terrorist activity in the world has Islamic and Pakistani hand by and large (
( According to the historian William Durant, and other historians, an estimated 80 million Hindus were killed, were slaughtered, and thousands and thousands of Hindu temples were smashed, and mosques were built on top of them. The Muslims of India tried very hard over the period of their 700 years [of occupation] to wipe out the Hindus… ;
A similar pattern was visible when Kashmiri Pundits were slaughtered and made to leave their ancestral houses in Kashmir. (
To the large hearted rationalists, these analysis may look irrational . But as we go in the future and start seeing the damages happening around the world due to such fanatic incidents sooner or later the conclusion will converge towards the links between a mis-interpreted Islamic religion and its zealots or uncontrolled Jehadis.
Therefore India has to start looking for new strategies and planning for Kashmir rather than using the old fashioned methods of using army and democracy together under the skewed vision of media which does not have any conscience what so ever towards fair reporting . (
The choice before the Modi government are as harsh as could be. Forces that are inimical to the national interest will try to damage and weaken the country. These forces have been mis opportuned by the political class time and again.
Therefore the world at large and also the Modi government must try to see the incidents in Kashmir vise versa ISIS and other fundamentalists Islamic forces. The relations between Pakistan and Taliban and other such extremist forces now stands before the world in all its openness. The United States have for the first time started to understand the true nature of Pakistan and its political class and military forces. Therefore the attention of the world should be drawn to incidents happening in Kashmir through the lenses of islamic forces rather than just Kashmiri. The problems that we see in Kashmir were never a local problem in terms of human rights . It is a islamic propagated war , which is also the reason, why beyond certain ill advised youth and miscreants one does not see larger public participation in all fights that takes place in kashmir.
As Mountbatten has clearly accepted the accession, it should have been agreed by both Pakistan and India. However while Pakistan refused to take the sacred words as the final words and continues to spark fire in the valley it should have been clearer that it is not just a military or country specific issue but rather the age old fundamentalist form of a certain religion that is in action.
The true form of Islam is highly evolved and advocates the worshipping of an abstract God. When the muslims goes on fast during Ramadan it is truly a spiritual practice to abstain from the hungers of life. When they sacrifice a lamb it marks the symbolism of sacrificing ones beloved asset. Thus the difference between true Islam and the extreme form of Islam is very high.
It is also essential that muslims over the world segregate between the two forms of islams and the states categorically denounce the ISIS form of Islam.
Note:: I have lived in Saudi Arabia for two years and have liked the pure form of Islam and their devotion towards God. But the extremist form of Islam that has been practised for years by the fundamentalist and the Jihadists have also existed by the sides and can be seen in historical events of past to the Pakistani instigated events in Afghanistan, Kashmir , terrorism in Europe, 9/11 in United States, attack on hotel Taj in mumbai and ISIS needs to be bought to a halt – urgently

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