The fake farmer protest versus govt : some solutions


The fake farmer protest versus govt : some solutions

The so called farmers protest is in no mood to stop the blockades and attack Delhi. And why would it, when the main motives and objectives are just a mask for other sinister designs funded by outside forces (


Yesterday , i met a senior journalist who confided that there are many Nihang sikhs in the protest (

If you dont know about Nihang sikhs just google it (

Then there is the Khalistani, Canada, Isi, US angle to it. Most importantly there is also the larger objective to not allow Narendra Modi to win 2024 elections.

So this is no farmers protest and no one should have any doubt on it (

Lets therefore think on the solutions for the same.

1. The UP model: Though the central govt was better prepared to block the maruading protestors , with HM Amit Shah taking the stock every minute, yet it was not sufficient.

Meanwhile CM Yogi has announced a total ban on any kind of protests in UP. That shows the power of the state. IT HAS TO FIND AND EXPLORE NEW METHODS TO WIN THIS WAR. Yes its an undeclared war.

A general perception among far right nationalists is that Somehow the Modi govt has been lacking the desired will power to act against will full defaulters be it in Bengal, or Kerela, or in Delhi and Punjab ruled by AAP (

The Khalistani protestors are just another addition to it. It was well known that they will try to do  something before the elections. But the govt didnt do anything. We are not ctiticizing the govt but are requesting it to be more alert and proactive.
2. Need a bill for holding protest : the govt should enact a bill where all organizations must inform the central govt or state govt one month before holding such protests.
3. The protestors must also register online and provide name and identity of all protestors.
4. Heavy trucks n tractors should b banned .
5. Govt can bring the real farmers who can stand before this khalistani led farmers or who so ever they are and give a counter response. This will dilute the black mailing strategy of protestors through the emotional appeal of the word ‘Farmer’.
6. Govt must make it clear it will talk only to bonafide leaders.
7. It must also start pushing the protestors back by holding rashan pani and other aminities (

8. Govt must also infiltrate the protest to know more about the strategy n ppl imvolved (
9. Tear gas n other non fatal weapons must be used to dilute the protest on a daily basis.

10. Govt must give this as top priority, utilise all resourves , manpower , diplomatic and others. This is a long battle where the outcome both in terms of narrative and actual will be critical. The govt seem to have developed cold feet whenever these khalistsni, isi ,n other anti national lobbies take over national issues to hoodwink citizens.

Its time the govt takes over and set the narrative itself pre-empting any move by these protestors.


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