The inherent weaknesses in Hindu thought and action


The inherent weaknesses in Hindu thought and action

Hinduism or better termed Sanatana Dharma has many dimensions that only a few understand. It has tried to unravel the mysteries of the universe , the creation and all other things through the Vedic and Upanishadic scriptures. It has given spiritual guidance for the needy and the soul to get rid of the sufferings of the mundane world while also focusing on karma and action oriented life.

Despite such lofty thoughts and wisdom right for the laymen to the most enlightened the impact of Hinduism on her followers is not proportional. Sanatana Dharma should have led India and hence the citizens to the most invincible class and society in the world. Unfortunately and on the contrary we find that we are the most vulnerable society in the world where other religions have taken us by one or other means. ( No offence meant ).

Naturally there is something in the Sanatana Dharma which has not been rightly taken, understood and implemented while all the same some wrong and prevailing notions are carried and propagated further. Here we analayse some of these miscarried traits that is harming the religion and her followers.

1. The Purva Janama phal : Most of the followers of Sanatana Dharma believe in reincarnation and rebirth theory which is one of the main pillar of Hindu thought. However it has been wrongly applied. Instead of helping others Hindus started using the rebirth theory to avoid helping others saying’ uske papon ka phal hai or uske peechle janam ka phal hai’. This is what can be called as ‘ Palayanvadi’ where instead of coming forward the Hindus have misused the concept.

2. The All knower Hindu: Most of the Hindus will know and remember all the stories of Panchtantra, Ramayana, Mahabharata , Pauranic and others. WE are of the
opinion that any Hindus is more knowledgable compared to average person following other religions. This has made him too wise for the worldy things and too stingy to help out others. This has not brought unity in the society but divisive ness where every one thinks himself/herself to be a cut above the rest.

3. The survival instinct: The Hindu knows how to survive life, its sufferings and all that. he is not too worried. He has developed this instinct to survive at the cost of all other things even though if it means to compromise his/her swabhiman. He knows how to bypass a certain situation. The important thing is instead of facing the challenge the Hindu mindset has tried to avoid confrontation and get rid of fights and animosity. He has believe din faith and destiny and chooses the latter rather than making his own destiny. Compare this what Islamists thought. Pakistan keeps attacking us while we keep defending ..The question is Why ?

4. The Selfish Gene: It is said that the German/Jewish holocaust happened because the Jews were more wealthy, had better business sense but then were also more selfish. There is a tendency that one who has more wealth and knowledge becomes more selfish while one who has nothing to keep will become more daredevil. Babar came fighting to India in search of wealth and power while Indians never felt to go abroad and win geographies. Because they were content and also selfish to keep their kingdoms and empire safe and secured.

5. The Family kind of Mindset: Most of the Hindus are family oriented person for whom mother, father, wife, brother, sister come first. Nation, state and society comes late in priority or not at all. Every person following any religion has a family but the attachment of Hindus to their families is second to none. It is good that the Sangh Pracharaks have kept ‘ Bachelors life’ as a precondition to become Pracharaks. This is very well thought of strategy on behalf of Sangh founder members. Any person who has a family to take consideration will not be able to devote his/her time to other activities without distractions and disturbances. While the sangh members have remained aloof the average Indians have not been able to keep themselves away from family bonds.

6. The Liberal Hindu: While other religions have tried to discipline their followers through various means ( Sunday mass, or essential namaz ) Hindu does not get any instructions to follow . Whether he takes bath or whether he goes to temple or whether he chants mantras there is no bar or bindings on him. As a result the Hindu mindset has become the most liberal and also most spoiled as he does not have to care for himself. He has put all his energy in earning money and looking for family needs.

7. The fearful Hindu: Most of the Hindus are fearful. Either of God or of karmas. They will not kill a snake even if the snake is in the house. Any other person will do the opposite as a first instinct. This trait of being afraid of God and Karmas has been one of the big reason that Hindus have not been able to expand their religion., geographies and outreach. So far we remain fearful of everything how can we progress. Many brave Indian kings and weens lost the wars and battles because of this factor. The KILLER INSTINCT is missing from our common gene.

8. The bookish Hindu: Most of the Hindus are more bookish than being practical. This is self explanatory and we wont elaborate on it.

9. The frog in the well kind of Hindus: The knowledge and wisdom that Hindus have made them also frog in the well who thinks he is the most virtuous and Gyani. This has also led to complacency . While other religions keep expanding have made their mission to expand the Hindus are complacent and self satisfactory. They are neither bothered by others nor do they try to imitate this. They feel it is beyond their dignity and values to go and conquer other states or religions.

10. The Advisor Hindus: most of the Hindus are good preachers and have good command on Vakshakti. But they have failed to apply their own knowledge and wisdom on themselves. See the hundreds of preachers from Asaram to others. They have knowledge no doubt about it .. But have they applied that to themselves the answer is no. How can be one a good preacher without working on that path?.


The Hindus suffer from many negative traits and mindset that has hampered their progress for centuries. Those who overcame them became Samrats. the Guptas, Mauryas, Ashoka , Pratap, Shivaji, Jahni ki Rani and many others were indus but also took the action path rather than remainig imprisoned in such self imposed conditions. On the conrarry there are many others who kept loosing to the invaders beacsue there was one or other of these trait that was acting as a negative force.

If Hindus have to progress and keep themselves strong as a society and as a nation theyhave to systematically attack these root causes. The social leaders have to think and device mechanisms to empower and create awareness in the socitety. We have to start games and psorts that have more challenging attribute to them in villages and townships. The Hindu has to be taken out from their homes, from their families, from Pan and Gutka shops, from wasting time over gossips and chai ki dukan, from talking money all the time etc etc. He has to be continuously engaged and keep busy as if he is fighting for survival. Only then he will sow his true colour or else will remain complacent.

The Indian army shines because Pakistan has kept them engaged. That may be a bad analogy but in fact has been a boon to keep the army up to date and alert. The chinese could not fight in ladakh because they were not having the experience.

Reservations and other things have further weakened the society. The political leaders and parties who talk of reservations must be kicked out. Regionalism and divisive politics should not have any locus standing in the society. Parties like Shiv Sena, NCP, TMC, Etc etc should not have any place who are killing Hindu society and mindset.

Dr Asheesh Shah

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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