The intolerant Muslim leaves no space for the rational and liberal Muslim and Other side of Amit Shah


The French teacher beheading has sent a chill around the world , especially after the ISIS driven barbarism came to a virtual halt in Syria and elsewhere. However the incident has shown how fragile we all are internally, succumbing to our religious dogmas , emotionally and ideologically.
Rest assured the evil incident in Paris suburb will renew a new wave of hatred and islamophobia around the world and not just in France. The interior ministry of France is already on the move , has raided many islamists houses and organizations and is ready to take the threat or perceived threat head on, trying to be seen as a fast and effective government to the world and local population.
As a professional I have lived in France as well as Saudi and have seen both sides of the world very closely and which represent two opposite sides of life. One a liberal class where nudity in public swimming pools is not seen as raising eyebrows and another where women cannot go outside without an escort ( this has been changed of late I am told).
It is obvious that what happened in France is not one of the cases and there is a large population which remains slaves of religion and is willing to do anything for that matter. All the same When I was in Saudi Arabia the heart of Wahabist Islam I met many muslims who were as good as one can not only from Saudi but from Egypt , Sudan ( who was my hotel manager) and similar other places.
While the world knows about Egypt as a country represented by ‘ Muslim Brotherhood’ and other hard liners it also has very soft delicate evolved citizens over centuries of civilzation. In my institute I was the only Hindu surrounded by Muslims which I felt only when they all went for the compulsory Namaz while I sat quietly in my cabin. No one bothered me, no questions asked and no one said to me to accompany them for offering prayers. This is what I call secularism, which is practiced and not preached by media and political parties.
Therefore to paint Islam and all Muslims is as foolish as it can be. There are people of all kinds in all countries , all religions and all colours. To pinpoint an entire community based on these parameters is what people call Racism or that is how I would like to define it.
Having said that, the question is where are these good people and why don’t they come forward to protect the earth, nations and religions. This is what the political masters must think especially from the party in power, opposition and all related organizations , if they are not.
The government bought Triple Talaq Ban Bill which was a real freedom for Muslim women but again we don’t know how effective it is in practice. The next move should be to remove the Burqa from the Muslim women so that they can also see the world with all freedom. Beauty as well as evil resides in the eyes of the beholder and one cannot protect the women with prying eyes with such flimsy veils. Then there is the population issue that has to be controlled at any cost. We are not taking these issues from a islmophobia point of view to free and liberate Muslim population in the country. Besides bills we need to win the trust of all to make sure that bills get transformed into actions on ground. Coercive cannot work in such cases.
There is also the case of Madrasas which need tighter control and regulations. The madrasas have captivated the minds of Muslims and have not allowed them to think independently . this is the biggest slavery going on in the world may be more bigger than the apartheid regime and other discriminatory practices. It is the responsibility of the whole world and the government must take initiatives to bring consensus, gain confidence and reform madrasas not only in India but around the world. Because herein lies the root of the problem that is making Islam a religion to be feared and not loved. The liberal and rational muslim too have to play a role here.
There are many learned and smart muslims these days that we see everywhere from IT to banks , start ups and other places. Many of them are fighting to make a good living. They all need jobs and employment. It can come only when we promote a more healthy environment in the country.
The government has to think seriously on these issues. While we need some tough rules we also need fair and transparency for those who are in the mainstream or are willing to join the mainstream. That is the only way to take forward the country.
Its such a delight to see many young muslim activists on the social media. Aquib Mir is one such from Jammu Kashmir region. There is also one other young muslim as BJP spokesperson who has surprised us with his rational and liberal and nationalist thoughts.
There is no place for the likes of AIMIM or Owaisi in the country. Let them go into oblivion. The Delhi riots have shown the underbelly of the country’s most serious problem. The vulnerability of minorities and the selfish and evil individual muslims who get misled and then mislead others. Social media is an established evil and needs tighter norms to regulate.
We believe that a lot needs to be done for the minorities ( without sacrificing the right of majority) if the country has to progress and get over this vicious circle which vitiates the environment more so on social media and by vested interests.
The BJP’s tall leader and HM Amit Shah in his recent interview that has caught the eyes and ears of many in the country (…/an-amit-shah-makeover-so-whats… ) and has shown the other face of the Sharp and Intelligent Home Minister who is a cut above the rest. That Amit Shah is not a fundamentalist or hardliner Hindu revivalist as painted by the media and others can be seen from these statements. He is as rational and logical as any one can be and has the potential to lead the change in the country that is in line with Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas. He can be as tough as Trump and as liberal as Obama at the same time and this is what is needed.
We would request the home minister to bring a positive change to the lives of rational and liberal muslim without breaking the trust of all others and also repair and reform the archaic rules and practices of minorities from child factory to other nuissance.
This will transform the country which can be done only by PM Modi, HM Shah and of course Sangh which should promote such deliberations.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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