The lone crusader Modi versus the conspirators ..Next few months are critical..


One has to go through the history books again if you have still not understood the painful story of Mother India and her destiny. Why a more brave king like Rana Pratap lost to a scheming Akbar . Why The 1857 freedom struggle failed ? Why could Patel never get what he deserved ? There are many more such stories. If you think that these was all because there was a certain destiny at work you must be excused to be innocent. Else the politicians among us know that there were people working behind the scenes in all these stories who prevented the Real Indian heroes from coming up.

Something similar is happening every since PM Modi formed the government. Unfortunately there is no one single enemy of the nation and therefore we will not take any names. The country and the world are all filled with Opportunists and traitors who want weak nations to remain weak so that power and money can be easily captured. No one wants a stable and strong nation. The Jaichands are everywhere looking for an excuse to stab from the back. So the motive has to be clearly understood before we proceed further.

We would like the Sangh parivar and other well wishers of the government to take a serious note of this developing situation. This all seems to have just started with fake and hyped news /memes about the virus on social media. By a look at them it is also clear that they are done professionally and in an organised manner.

The Sangh parivar and other NGOs must now come forward and organise proper logistic support. The availability of critical drugs and oxygen is still a big issue besides getting beds and ventilator support for critical patients. Now is the time to manage the whole thing in a better way as the government alone may not be able to do all the work on its own.

Then there is the issue of politics taking over nationalism. A doctor friend of mine who has 15 hospitals in the NCR region is forced to close them in want of oxygen. It is unfortunate that we have no channels to help and support such doctors and hospitals.

We never thought the people of the country would be so foolish or innocent that the CM of Delhi keeps cheating them. He never seeks responsibility but always indulges in cheap publicity stunts and politics. Question is why? The answer is he is seeing his objective within reach. With Congress going down, Kejriwal is eyeing the big seat now and is now targeting the PM directly like the Chess game and is ready to say – Checkmate. His request to the PM for providing oxygen and other things was a well rehearsed drama that was telecasted publicly without the knowledge of PMO or PM media team.

The other protagonists in this conspiracy against India have been the intellectuals led by the Media both western and national. While reporting by the media is a must for democracy, the issue is that they rant only negative news that also with a lot of exaggeration. Presently if one watches BBC then it will be obvious what we mean. All this points to an organized work rather than professional media.

Then there is the farmers issue and others like that which all have been raked by opposition to harass and bring down the Modi government. Uttar Pradesh is being targeted especially and CM Yogi who received the best CM tag has been made a scape goat. There is a concerted effort to tarnish his image as the UP elections will come and will be the most fiercely fought state elections . However before that PM Modi will have to undergo crucial tests and ordeals and there will be efforts to bring him down or make his government look like the main culprit.

The Americans have shown how fickle minded they are by denying Indi some aid to tide over the corona virus crisis. It was only after being trolled on social media that they got their act together and have offered to aid. The Biden admin is still fighting its diplomatic and trade war with China but no one knows when and how the scenario can change. We will write more on it on a later date. Kamala Harris is keeping a low profile as of now but that can be just a limited time offer and no one knows when she will rake up the Kashmir , CAA and other issues with a prodding from India’s main opposition party.


We are of the firm opinion that there is a clear and present danger to PM Modi and his government. The attacks can come from within and outside (?). This is the time for PM Modi and all well wishers to shore up every support and manage things more professionally. The manner in which the media and social media are targeting the government over corona points to something more sinister in the days to come.

The leadership of Sangh parivar will also come under test especially after the recent changes in the top hierarchy. It is time that everyone takes the present crisis with all seriousness and coordinates to ward off the evil forces that are trying to pull down Modi government and attack him personally.

The international situation is once again becoming more and more uncertain. Russia and other countries are behaving very mysteriously. China is in the preparation mood for the next round. Under the circumstances losing the trust of the citizens over a natural crisis like Corona for mismanagement can be the last thing one would like to ask for. We are quite convinced about the developing situation and are forced to write this warning post.

Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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