The window to southern states has opened !! Badhai to PM Modi, Amit Shah, BJP, Sangh and all others !


The window to southern states has opened !! Badhai to PM Modi, Amit Shah, BJP, Sangh and all others !

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Nothing is sweeter than a hard earned victory and success. Therefore we wish PM Modi, HM Amit Shah, BJP President JP Nadda , Sangh Parivar and all others congratulations for winning the Great Hyderabad Municipal elections. This is an important victory that we will try to explain below and shows the strategy of PM Modi and HM Amit Shah.

When PM Modi was sent to Gujrat by the then BJP President Jana Krishnamurthi from the center, no one ever thought what a change it would bring to Indian political scenario. With all credit to Krishnamurthi ji for this visionary step taken at that time, which has changed Indian politics for ever.

PM Modi then went on to win the Ahmedabad municipal elections in 1987 which was the game changer not only in Gujarat elections but for the country. Ahmedabad was the fort of Congress then and the no bar hold politics of congress leaders like Amarsingh Chaudhary to woo minority votes has made Ahmedabad a citadel of congress and invincible. It was said that BJP can win Delhi but not Ahmedabad. And then came Narendra Modi who stole AMC from congress with a slew of smart moves that started with the lord Jagannath Rath Yatra which was banned by the congress government to maintain communal harmony.

In fact, the AMC became the first laboratory for Modi’s political experiments that were subsequently replicated in the state and at the national level. No doubt, Modi’s method of organisation expansion was quite unconventional. Previously, the party knew only the traditional ways of holding rallies, making speeches, and mobilising people for an event occasionally. Not without reason, the BJP was then considered to be a party of Brahmin-Bania, who do not constitute a significant numerical strength in Gujarat. Modi’s rigorous strategy of co-opting marginalised social groups and neo-middle class in urban areas is quite unique. That formed the bedrock of the party’s growth at the national level. (First Post) . From the very beginning, Modi was up against a formidable social coalition popularly referred to as KHAM (Kshatriya, Harijan, Adivasi and Muslim). The Congress had claimed invincibility on account of successful forging of this social coalition.
Coming back to southern politics the Greater Hyderabad Municipal elections is just the window that the party was looking to. Just like AMC, Hyderabad municipal elections opens up an excellent opportunity for the party to expand its southern journey which can change the destiny of the country. BJP has to find new areas of dominance as she goes ahead in future and a pan indian presence is a must as there will be some saturation in the central , western and other parts of the country for the support it receives. The southern belt can provide much needed compensation going forward.

Though a bit too early to see such transformation, the fact that BJP has won handsomely in critical areas in Hyderabad is a testimony to the growing popularity of PM Modi and Amit shah and the support for the party. BJP got full support from IT hub and software engineers in Hyderabad and also won 6 seats in muslim dominated areas.
While the AIMIM retained its tally of 44 seats, while contesting 51 seats instead of 60 last time, the blow of ending up behind the BJP will hurt. The GHMC polls were a prestige battle for AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi on his home turf, and the BJP that ran a high-pitch campaign rolling out its big guns had principally targeted it. Among the 48 seats won by the BJP, six were in the Muslim-dominated Charminar division.
We will write separately on the Owaisi factor in Indian politics as well as the southern states. Suffice is to say that this is the much needed boost for the ruling party especially as the Taminadu elections are also fast approaching and will certainly help build the momentum going forward.
Once again our heartily congratulations to the party, Sangh and all leaders.

Dr Asheesh Shah

Asheesh Shah
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