These are not Normal Times. PM Modi and the Govt has to take many tough calls on various fronts. Govt can also make some BIG announcements to shore up confidence


As the country struggles to keep the corona wave 2 under control, there is a lot of feeling of despair and frustration everywhere. People are angry and genuinely so. The country has been caught on the wrong foot and all of a sudden the govt and the PM has to share the maximum blame of missing Oxygen and other medical facilities in the country. Such is the irrationality that we were shocked to read when people on social media ascribed the virus as part of Modi governments conspiracy. Clearly for some reasons the Modi government is at its lowest in terms of credibility no matter how it has performed overall. It is time that the govt announces some more BIG Schemes to shore up the confidence of citizens . The farmers, Rural , middle class , the weaker section they all need a big sentimental booster JAB and not just a vaccine jab.

Then there are Bengal results that saw the TMC winning in a big way. However there are also reports of huge vandalism and BJP workers threatened and beaten in West Bengal. Already during the run up to elections many BJP workers have sacrificed their lives. The sentiments are taking a very ugly shape in Bengal and we wonder what is in store for the state. Clearly Mamata Banarjee has failed to keep her party in check and has allowed the goons to have an upper hand in the state.

Both of these are very worrisome signs and in a way show the uncertain future of the country. The whole crisis can be very well managed with some strong actions on the ground. The govt has to keep her ears close to the common man on the street and win everyones trust which is at the lowest this time. It is the biggest test of PM Modi and the govt.

We request the PM and the government to brace up for the changing reality and be tough and proactive. We recommend the following actions on behalf of the government:-

  1. Make a TASK FORCE with TOP Medical Doctors for quick and fast actions. Since there are all chances that we may see another wave 3, these task force will be helpful for the future too.
  2. Bring Army where-ever necessary : There is a need for better management and control in many places especially Metros. Bring the army to take control of oxygen and other critical medical supplies.
  3. Keep an eye on LOGISTIC movement across the country. Though we have been hearing of the corona wave 2 decreasing in many states and places but we also hear that the virus has reached the rural belt also. We are not sure of the extent but in case that is true and big then the country might see problem in the movement of essential items , vegetables and food items. The prices of many such things are already shot up in past few days.
  4. Ban or control Social Media for a few Months: Social media like whats app was not there before a few years. So it is not something the country can’t leave. The kind of irrationality seen on whats app is unparalleled and if its allowed to flourish it may create problems for the country. There are video with professional creativity indicating that there are vested persons and organizations behind the same which is more dangerous.
  5. Handle states like Bengal with FIRM HANDS. The BJP workers in Bengal are really worried about their future . They are looking at the central govt for all assistance. We have seen videos on social media that are very disturbing. Despite TMC winning the central govt cannot and must not allow what all is happening and has to tae strict and strong action in the state should there be a need.
  6. Call an ALL PARTY MEET: one thing that is missing so far is that we have not seen the govt taking into confidence the opposition. As the country continues to fight with multiple issues it is time that the govt calls an all party meeting and takes everyone into confidence. This will help to smoothen the current environment of hate to get control to some extent.
  7. Involve Sangh and other civil societies in BIG way: This time we are not seeing the involvement of the Sangh in a big manner as compared to wave 1 or covid 19 for whatever reasons . This could be just a perception also . The country is grappling with human resources and volunteers to manage the problem of hospitals , beds, oxygen etc. There is a need to take the HELP of civil societies, form volunteer groups who can be allotted areas to keep an eye of number of ICU units, beds , Oxygen situation in various part of the country. The govt is too constrained to handle everything. It is time big organizations like Sangh, NCC, and others are roped in .
  8. Keep Track of Donations: WE are seeing many websites asking for Donations. Huge funds are also coming from foreign nations and persons. Unsocial and Unscrupulous elements always try to take advantage when there is a crisis. The govt has to keep a track of all such entities who are asking for funds and also on outside funds . There has to be a centralised Fund account for all outside funding and no funds should be allowed to reach directly to any person or organization in the country.
  9. The govt has done well to rope in Medical doctors for Duty. It has t take more such proactive actions so that the confidence of the nation rises and the govt is seen in a positive light.
  10. The govt also has to keep other things like academics and business activities in mind. Lock downs have to be judiciously applied. Mumbai has shown that with proper management things can be brought under control. The govt has to make advisories on a regular basis and monitor the situation . All state govts cannot be smart and competitive and may need central assistance.
    The govt also has to ensure that academic dates are announced timely and business activities don’t suffer beyond repair

With these 10 steps the govt has to take things FIRMLY under control and must not allow any laxity on anyone’s part to damage and turn the country into chaos and unrest . It is time PM Modi gets to work at his best so far for the times are certainly not normal. Its a now or never situation and it may not take long to create a mayhem in the nation as the planetary positions this time are not very conducive and the govt may not get all support from the far away planets. Its necessary therefore that the govt acts and acts strongly and proactively.

Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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