Tight Law of the land based system along with the Uniform Civil Code is what the country needs. Democracy cannot sustain the growing diversity and complex issues of an aging nation


There has been a visible communal tension in the country. It is visible because earlier the Hindus were not outspoken. They tolerated while the congress and the left exploited their weakness and used the minorities to fulfill their interests and goals. It was only when the Modi-led BJP govt came and to be more specific in its second tenure that we are seeing an outburst of suppressed feelings and thoughts on all social media and in society. Its a fight between the oppressed majority which has been living in fear for decades versus the extremist mindset of some sections of the country.
Unfortunately, the opposition parties have tried to fuel this gap and are trying to use again the gullible citizens to their own interests. Take the Hijab controversy for instance which has almost taken the center stage these days. Its an unwarranted controversy that does not have any head or tail. Muslim girls and women wear Hijab in their homes and out in the market. They have also used it at airports and other security-prone areas. However, things began taking a dangerous turn when they are being pushed to wear it in school and colleges. It is clearly a sinister move to destabilize the nation and influence voters through communal polarization. 
The challenge was picked by Hindu outfits and some students started wearing saffron clothes as a protest against the Muslim Hijab. This is bound to happen. When one community moves towards extremism, others cannot sit behind walls. It is Confrontalist but in the absence of strict laws and lack of UCC such things are bound to happen. In fact we see this as a solution though temporary. 

Then there are other issues that are also sensitive to the majority of the population. But then the politicians as well as anti-national know the Achilles heal of India and are bent upon to weaken it. They are deliberately trying to expand the Islamization of the country through all means and methods. Can anyone tell why there is a spurt in street Namaz? Can anyone tell why there has been a flurry in constructing mosques and mazars across the country? Can anyone tell why Hindu girls are being targeted? Let us not be naive to deny all these in the name of liberal and secular values. Let us not live in fools’ paradise. We are not blaming the common man whether from the muslim community or the majority to be the reason behind these tensions. These are the work of extreme forces, a certain section of politicians and elements from Pakistan who continuously want to destablise and weaken the nation. 

It was shocking to see leaders like Priyanka Vadera to join this chorus of people and advocating for Hijab. Clearly, it shows that politcians dont have any guilt or qualms to use citizens’ sentiments and communal polarization to their own purposes. Congress is a dying force and is looking for quick revival – Yen, Ken, Prakren. That is the problem. The UP and Punjab elections may throw them completely out of the radar and marginalized which they are quite aware of. The rise of AAP is a clear indicator of the change that is coming for Congress and its leaders. 
India is a big country and we have a clear distribution of caste-based population, customs, culture, and divisions. There is no denying in this and no one can run away from these facts whether one likes it or not. So far we remain a divided house based upon our different cultures the anti-national will continue to exploit the divide more and more. Since these issues are largely sentimental and emotional even the most educated and sensible persons are also vulnerable to fell into the trap. While the Muslim educated are fearful to lend their voice the Hindus are too liberal to stand for a noble cause. There are weaknesses on both sides. 

The Solution:
As the disparity and divisions in the country grow the common citizens cannot remain a mute spectators. We think that the educated class irrespective of their political ideology, caste, religion or status must come forward and stand for a strong nation. The concept of the strong nation must be on the principle of NATION FIRST and nothing else. There should not be place and room for any vested interests. 
Having said that, this is possible only by building a powerful system, rules and regulations. We have the United States of America which also has divisions in its society albeit in the form of color and ethnicity. However, it does not have the type of dangers to its sovereignty and integrity that we Indians have and are exposed to. The reason is a strong Law bases system and use of technology and law enforcing agencies like Homeland security, FBI and the likes. While these agencies are not totally free of political biasedness and prejudices, they are free to carry out their responsibilities in the interest of the nation. 
Last but not least democratic countries are most vulnerable to be misused by elements for their onw interests. Therefore laws are to be the same for one and all. WE cannot pretend to live safely in a democratic country with such huge diversity and divergences. Only a UNiform civil code and equality of all can bind us and allow to live peacefully. Let us not live with internal fear with the worst dream of chaos and communal disharmony striking us any day. WE have to move ahead of the curve that is so easily predictable and visible. Its not a question of will it happen or not but rather when will it happen ? 

The country badly needs a strong rule-based system and a uniform   Civil Code. The government has taken a beating with its Farm laws. However, that should not deter it to bring the UCC. But the timings will be important and decisions should not be taken in haste. Nevertheless sooner than later it has to be brought in in the larger interest of all and a stronger nation. We have reached the threshold where democracy cannot sustain further the growing disparity and diversity in the country in all respects. A strong non-partisan, secular law-based system and UCC is the only answer. 

Asheesh Shah


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