‘UPA could tolerate terrorists but not Narendra Modi as PM’


The Confession that was not made, but acted upon::

Yesterday Zee news story was going viral on the social media. The story ran under the caption , ” UPA could tolerate terrorists but not Narendra Modi ” ( , http://zeenews.india.com/news/india/upa-could-tolerate-terrorists-but-not-narendra-modi-as-pm_1877801.html)
Gong by the reports and the various statements made by than officers,
it appears that the than home minister and later finance minister P. Chidambram has some real confessions to make to compensate for his immorality and political sins and avoid going to hell. However going by the political environment of the country it looks unlikely that Shri P. Chidambram will make any statement or confession in a hurry. May be on a later date when the Gandhi Parivar is not in much favour he may like to write a book or a biography to encash upon his misguided action for the Ishrat Jahan case.
But that is for the future. Right now the question is what should be the action plan of the Modi government. It is no secret that the honourable Prime Minister is a prime target of many anti national forces and therefore any attempt to manipulate reports of IB and RAW is a serious offence not only in the Ishrat Jahan case but also because it sets a very wrong precedent and therefore should not be allowed to happen again. Therefore it will not be wise to leave the wily Chidambram and his masters ( who so ever) go scot free. The nation would like to know who all were behind this macabre political drama.
It also explains why the Ex Prime Minister Sh Manmohan Singh went into a hibernation and almost stopped speaking. The truth is he was all in a shocked state as to what all was happening around and therefore was unable to speak.
The Samanvaya team on behalf of many readers and citizens would like to request the government to pursue the matter vigorously and bring the truth before the nation and punish the guilty.
The matter is too serious to be negotiated for any vested or political gains and need to be pursued only in the national interest.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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