Wake up India : We all have been converted slaves long back ago , and still we are in deep sleep


Yesterday a good friend of mine sent a video to me that has shaken me to the core. Don’t be shocked as there is nothing in the video that is not very unknown, just that it’s a little piece of history that never saw the light of the day, thankful to the great masters who all slaved us and kept us in the dark and made sure that we never get to know the true history that our forefathers and ancestors have fought so bravely to preserve our religion and identities. But anyone would have done that so why blame the enemy and the foreign mercenaries who all had no love or emotion for the nation or its bravehearts.

We don’t wish to blame the previous governments as we are not sure the history that we have been taught of the freedom struggle and thereafter how true it is that . So we will take the blame right to the present regime and all of us and all those who have a stake in it.

So let us come to the video that our friend has sent to us. It has been made by one IAS officer Mr Pandey who has taken the oath to bring the rare and untold historical battles to our knowledge and this was perhaps one of the same. It is about the battles between Maharana Pratap and Akbat between 1571 to 1582. The 1582 battle is about Pratap’s attack on Dewair and defeat of Mughal sena of Akbar and a surrender of more than 30K soldiers of akbar. [1]. It may be known to many but not to the masses and no NCERT or state text book has written this in the history books. And no one has taken umbrage, which shows the tolerant and foolish nature of we Indians.

After watching the video we were rather shaken . Why have such historical incidents not been part of our history books. ? And the realization that we all are in deep sleep unaware of our historical heritage and indifference to the same shook us from inside.

We would also like the readers to have a look at today’s trending New York times news – Just How big could India’s true covid toll be and the figures given are – 307, 231 – reported deaths; 600,000 – conserative; estimated deaths; 1.6 million – a likely estimated deaths figure; and 4.2 million deaths which is the worst case scenario. [2] .

Please also note that these figures and publications have come out when our Foreign minister is visiting the United States and will be holding many parleys with important persons , industry leaders and congressmen .

Whats app has taken shelter under the constitution right of privacy under various sections 14, 19(1) etc while ignoring the security threats to the country totally and completely [3] . In our view the govt has to take a strong note of it and not allow such liberties to be taken by social media companies. If need be it can pass bills constitutionally as he has sufficient majority in RS and LS. The same whats app company has different laws for Europe and the United States.[4]

If we Indians have not still woken up it’s high time that our souls are stirred and a sense of urgency sets in. For we have been enslaved for years and are still unable to come out of it. We talk politics, try to demean each other, fulfill our useless desires and try to live with inflated egos and meanness . But we fail to see the reality written on the wall of destiny waiting for all of us .

The fake farmers protest held with a clear motive and intention to destabilize the Modi government, the Indian twitter sending a SoS to its American headquarters to interfere and the US Headquarters of US asking an Ex FBI official to lead the talks, Whats app going to the courts , state governments and other vested interests making a controversy over vaccines and placing all the blame on the central government , Foreign media , West Bengal , etc etc. all these happening before our eyes and still we fail to wake up.

We talk about secularism which is a totally misleading term only to demean Hindus and their faith. Unfortunately this has been happening before our eyes for long , yet we fail to acknowledge it let alone fight. There is a tremendous law and order situation in Bengal akin to Kashmir exodus of Pandits yet we fail to see it as a national emergency. 1 lakh citizens are reported to leave Bengal yet we are silent. The farmers , politicians like Mamata , Kejriwal , Thackrays all are fooling us and yet we tolerate them all, what has happened to BJP which was full of nationalist fervour when it had 2 seats. Has power diluted the commitment of its workers and power centers . Why has the BJP been unable to hold large scale protests against Kejriwal.? . Why the party and government has become so listless that nothing is able to energize them.


The war that India has been fighting is an old one , maybe a 1000 or so years old. We have everything in our kit and yet we have failed time and again. The little victory that we have seen in the past 7 years is just a blip in the long shadow and period of darkness. Let us not get ourselves fooled by this fake revival of abrogating 370 or building a Ram Mandir. These so-called achievements can
fade in no time and place us back on our knees.

Our real test will start now and unless we wake up collectively we are doomed to fail. . Therefore we have to immediately leave our lethargy, inflated egos and selfishness for no amount of hypocrisy is going to help us.


[1] https://www.rajras.in/1582-battle-of-dewair/
[2] https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/05/25/world/asia/india-covid-death-estimates.html
[4] https://www.indiatoday.in/technology/news/story/whatsapp-s-separate-privacy-policies-for-europe-and-india-raises-concerns-1758888-2021-01-14

Dr. Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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