We have failed to revive  the glory and evolved principles of Santana Dharma: We need to change our practices before we can claim ourselves to be strong and powerful



We have failed to revive  the glory and evolved principles of Santana Dharma: We need to change our practices before we can claim ourselves to be strong and powerful

Yesterday on the eve of MahaShivratri we went to a temple to participate in the Shiv Aarti. The local Panditji chanted everything that he can remember from Om Jai Jagdeesh to Tvamev Mata cha Pita Tvamev to some Shiv Strotas and the bhakts followed him in reciting the same. After watching and being a part of the pooja we were rather disappointed,  for in the whole episode we cou;d not feel the Shiv Aaradhna. It was more like an energised bhakti sangeet rather than a prayer to seek the Shiva inside us. This is besides the record that accompanied the pooja and Aarti. 
Shiva represents the eternal , evolutionary journey of the universe. Shiv, Parrvati are the Male and female attributes of nature, who interact with each other for the creation of the universe. Parvati the escort of Shiva is Shakti who is represented in 9 different forms is the primordial energy . To the credit of Indian Rishis and our ancestors they represented this duality of nature in the form of Shiv and Parvati with anecdotal stories surrounding them that was symbolic but if one carefully deciphers it will be able to understand the principles of nature and its evolutionary process. 
Same way, the worship of Shiv linga is basically to keep this universal evolutionary journey going. The Linga sits inside the Yoni and thn the two are worshipped. One has to think of nature, Shiv and her glory while doing Pooja of Shivlinga and pray for the peaceful joyous journey on earth and elsewhere. That will be  the true homage to nature. The gayatri mantra is also an evolutionary mantra which chanted properly will take a being to higher level of consciousness. The mantras and strotas of vedas are nothing but worship of nature , eugolising in various forms from Agni , Surya to rudras. 
While it is true that the masses need a more simple ritualistic form of worship so as to bring them closer to God, it is also important that we the educated understand the meaning behind our great Sanatana dharma and her virtues. Our rishis were clever enough or better wise to provide the knowledge as per the capacity and eligibility of a person. However at a time when Islam and Christianity is compared with Hinduism and are being used to trash our culture and religious rituals it is also necessary to tell the world what Hinduism is all about. 
Let us tell honestly no religion or culture can compare or be equal to sanatana dharma. It is so deep and layered that only the most evolved and wise can reach to its true meaning , while the rest will get only what they deserve as  per their evolutionary STATUS.
At a time when religion is used for commercial and conversation process blatantly by some, it is important that the real principles hidden behind Sanatana dharma are revealed to the masses so that everyone can move together on this evolutionary journey in a better way. 
The blind worship of God and Goddesses by Hinduism has led to weakening of the Hindu DNA. They have become more result oriented and try to seek the blessings of God for their own selfish reasons. While this is also important for a healthy living, the real principles and meaning of worshipping and following should not be lost. The Hindu religion and society is today inherently weak because people follow Bhagwat katha and Shivratri blindly but not Bhagwad Gita which teaches to follow Swadharma. 
Such worship and practice by hindus have made them god earing and karma kandi rather than Karma yogi which is what Gita exhorts one to follow. This is the main reason why Hinduism has fallen in last 1000 years and islam and other religions have come up. The hindu society have become timid and fearful while others have become powerful just because of this reason. We have not followed true Sanatana dharma and the practice of worshipping God. We have been really foolish to do everything blindly as a result of which the DNA of our genes have muted collectively to make us weak on the path of evolutionary journey.
Today islam is being touted as a better religion by some who do not know or understand Sanatana dharma for its image less worshipping. Christianity is reasoned to be better for her service to mankind preachings. But if we see both these attributes are already present in Sanatan Dharma that too for many centuries before these religions arrived which is quite recent compared to Sanatana. Fasting is an important aspect of sanatana to purify and strengthen the soul and willpower. Islamic followers do it during ramzan and have become powerful while we are lost in karwa chauths dancing to the tune of bollywood music and doing gutter type parodies. 
If Sanatana dharma, Hinduism and India has to become powerful then we must start correcting ourselves right from the way we worship our gods and follow our religion. our ancestors have left everything for us but we keep it wasting without even a second thought. All hindu and nationalist must think over it seriously.
Dr Asheesh Shah



Asheesh Shah
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