We have warned the government, yet, URI happened.. Now here are the options for a credible Strategy to work


In our newsletter dated 18th august and just after the statement of honourable prime Minister on Independence day, we have clearly indicated that Pakistan may attempt a daredevil attempt, ” Analyzing the PM Statement on Baloch/PoK: Pros and Cons and A retaliatory short term daredevil attack from Pakistan / Jihadist cannot be ruled out.” ( https://www.facebook.com/samanvayain/posts/1766398936933911).

We certainly dont want to gloat that our analysis has come to be correct. However and rather unfortunately we feel immensely sad that such a logical and obvious conclusion was not paid due attention and a serious event at Uri has taken place. (http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/militants-attack-army-headquarters-in-uri-near-loc/article9120760.ece).

Again to be correct may be the Army and intelligence might have taken step but that were not sufficient as the brutal murderous event indicate which needs serious review of all defence work.

We have also said in our newsletter dated 25th august that the Prime minister must need to give more time to defence sector of the country but that was also not paid attention – FOR KIND ATTENTION-PRIME MINISTER : COUNTRY’S DEFENCE MERITS YOUR MORE TIME AND ATTENTION. (part 1. ( https://www.facebook.com/samanvayain/posts/1771777693062702 ).

We are now providing our fresh thoughts on the incident and will try to provide a thought on the stretgy for India.

1. Pakistan will certainly try to amass international support on the issue through UN and its various lobbies in US and friend China.

2. Pakistan has erred terribly by attacking India provided India plans its strategy. Thus the incident can be made to be an opportunity and the supreme sacrifice of 18 Indian soldiers can not go in vain.

3. It will be futile to react in impulse militarily. India needs to consider a long tern credible strategy against an adamant neighbor. Surprise is the word and Pakistan needs to be given surprises militarily through our own convenient timings. Use of cyber security and other intelligent weapons be used effectively. Let the show begin.

4. All diplomatic and economic efforts be launched to isolate Pakistan internationally and in the region.

5. As M. Raja noted defence expert has said time has come for India to tell US that either they are with us or not . US cannot and no longer should be allowed to get lured by the seductable lady and Vishkanya Pakistan.

6. Baluchistan is the word. the sacrifice of 18 soldiers will come only when Baluchistan gets separated from Pakistan and that is the easiest options of all. India must now get Afghanistan as a key ally to play this card.

7. It is going to be long drawn test of patience and grit and we must be prepared for all eventualities but also keep attacking Pakistan as and when they are vulnerable.

8. Indus water treaty can also be used as a weapon should there be a need and India must keep open all its options rather than trying to be a wise lame duck.

9. PM Narendra Modi must take a world tour and also send emissaries to declare Pakistan a terrorist state and display all the evidences gathered so far. A large road show / publicity campaign be launched to show case all the incidents that have happened so far starting from hotel Taj Mumbai. launch attack through social media.

10. Take the world with you, keep attacking covertly , and play all the tantrums and cards that we have in hand economically and socially . Stop all relations with Pakistan be it sports, culture or any. Let her people know that we have been hurt immensely and we cannot be courteous any more. Send this message explicitly to all of them.

Asheesh Shah
Author: Asheesh Shah

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