Well Said SarSanghchalak- Mohan Bhagwat: Hindu Muslim unity is a must. Understanding and solving Hindu- Muslim riddle and issues need deeper perspectives


Recently the RSS supremo has issued a statement saying that Sangh will not get involved in any further Hindu Muslim mosque/temple issues. We are sure this will help i cooling nerves and the country will find better ways to deal with such sensitive issues. In fact, one of the Muslim clerics has already welcomed the statement by saying that will bring peace in the country. 

Any legitimate issue has to be put uprightly and in the right manner to get tge best results. The present Hindu Muslim divide over temples is indeed a very legitimate issue in our own opinion but it cannot be allowed to be raised in a chaotic fashion that can ruin the fabric of the country. Already the minorities have become extra sensitive over many issues forgetting that its the  Modi government that has given them multiple benefits from a house to medical facilities and they are one of the biggest communities in terms of beneficiaries of various central government schemes.
PM Modi must talk to as many people from minorities who have befitted with such schemes so that the message goes across a wider section of the society. (https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/chandigarh-news/pm-modi-to-interact-with-beneficiaries-of-central-schemes-on-may-31-101653347235728.html). 

However, as they say perception matters more than reality, and so the minorities have been influenced by extreme lobbies and individuals in the country and from outside that is Pakistan and elsewhere. The Muslims are making a big mistake by not voting for the BJP and are creating higher rift between Hindus and muslims which is also not good for the nation. 

The Hindu-Muslim riddle and issues may be termed as the biggest challenge that the country has ever faced or will face in the future. As they say necessity is the mother of all inventions therefore to solve this riddle we have to accept this as a very serious and inevitable problem. Its not a religious issue but a divine or natural problem that has to be understood in its totality before any attempt is made to solve them. While we discuss it we also request our readers to accept some information based on Hindu scriptures else this post will not serve the purpose. 

As per the hadits of Islam, the whole world will undergo a TEST by God i.e Allah and one will have to accept his fate as per his karmas. That will be also the day of Kayamat or destruction. This is the classic Shiv tandav that is mentioned in Hindu scriptures, only that instead of Shiv Puran we are quoting from Quran. 

Interestingly it is said that the present Mecca -Medina was also earlier a Shiv temple and was made idol less when Islam took over. Shiv is actually idol less, he is the aadi purusha who does not have any form or figure. The Hindus just to recognize him uniformly gave a shape and form to him who we call as Shiv. So Islam is nothing but devotion towards Shiv only but in an idol less form. 

It is also important to know that both Shiv and Islam is ruled by the same planet Ketu who is mokshakaraka. When Ketu is afflicted in any horoscope a person is asked to perform MahaMritunjaya Jaap which is stuti of Shiva only. Ketu is shadowy planet and does not have any form of figure. And so Islam is also represented by Ketu in astrology. 


We have said earlier also that There are more than 40000 sites that may have a debatable ancestry in terms of religion. While some of them are really highly emotional to Hindus like Krishna Janmabhoomi and Gyanwapi there are many others that may not fall in this category. WE have said earlier also that instead of leaving everything to courts and citizens government must take things in own hands. A high-powered commiittee must be formed that should include scholars from both sides and a retired judge.  

While 99% of the sites can be left for the future generation to decide , however atleast fast decision could be taken on some of the most demanding sites like Krishna janmabhoomi, Gyanwapi etc. All efforts must be made to resolve the issue amicably. We dont think that except for a few muslim outfits and individuals people by and large will have any objections to such solutions. 

Meanwhile the sarsanghchalak has taken an excellent initiative declaring that Sangh will keep itself away from any such issues . While this statement has also caused heartburns in fierce nationalists and Rambhakts , ShivBhakts, the sangh must also try to explain its positions by holding a few national seminars whereby it can try to convince the citizens and help the country to arrive at a consensus in a friendly environment. Such seminars must include people from all sides so that it’s taken fairly and respectfully. 

with best wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah

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