NewSpace Research’s ‘Abhimanyu’ To Be A Game-changer In Combat Drones


Bengaluru-based drone startup NewSpace Research is making waves in the world of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) with its groundbreaking concept, the Technologies Collaborative Combat UAS ‘Abhimanyu.’ This revolutionary UAV is designed to excel in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), kinetic attack, decoy, and electronic warfare (EW) missions, redefining the capabilities of modern drones.

Abhimanyu stands out due to its Tactical Interdiction and Attack Air Vehicle (TIA-AV) design philosophy. This philosophy emphasizes cost-effectiveness, intelligence, and expandability, making the platform versatile and adaptable to a wide range of combat scenarios.

In a captivating promotional video, Abhimanyu UAS is showcased in action, taking its place on the frontline of modern warfare. The video depicts the launch of Abhimanyu UAS from an airbase, demonstrating its ability to seamlessly integrate with a Manned Mothership-a remarkable display of collaborative combat.

Four Specialized Abhimanyu UAS Configurations Revealed

The promotional video of Abhimanyu UAS introduced four specialized configurations. The first being Abhimanyu EW, this variant is equipped to jam enemy fighters, providing essential protection for airbases. Its electronic warfare capabilities are designed to disrupt and neutralize potential threats, ensuring the safety of vital assets. Next, Abhimanyu Kamikaze is a potent kinetic attack drone, capable of precision strikes against hostile military aircraft.

In the video, Abhimanyu Kamikaze takes on what appears to be a J-10CE, a combat aircraft operated by the Pakistan Air Force. Third, Abhimanyu Decoy is a variant which plays a crucial role in diverting the attention of enemy air defences. By mimicking the behaviour of genuine aircraft, Abhimanyu Decoy disrupts the adversary’s ability to distinguish between real threats and decoys. Lastly, Abhimanyu ISR is the eyes and ears of the operation, providing invaluable intelligence and surveillance data. Abhimanyu ISR identifies and tracks potential threats, enhancing situational awareness for the entire team.

The collaborative aspect of the promotional video is particularly noteworthy. It illustrates the synergy between the Abhimanyu UAS and the Manned Mothership, emphasizing the effectiveness of combined operations in modern combat scenarios. NewSpace Research’s ‘Abhimanyu’ represents a significant leap forward in drone technology, demonstrating the potential for intelligent, cost-effective, and versatile unmanned systems in military applications. As drone technology continues to evolve, platforms like Abhimanyu are at the forefront of redefining the future of aerial warfare.

Yuvraj Tyagi

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