Unicorns of 2021: Is the Indian startup ecosystem poised for a stampede with 2 new additions in just 2 months?


Digit Insurance and Innovaccer are the latest Indian startups to have made it to the $1 billion valuation club so far in 2021. With around 12 new unicorns expected to become part of India’s unicorn club, the latest two additions may just portend what’s to come for the Indian startup ecosystem.

And the countdown begins… especially if you’ve heard and have been tracking the projections for the number of unicorns that will emerge from the Indian startup ecosystem. Only two months into 2021, the Indian startup ecosystem has already added two new companies to the coveted $1 billion-valuation club. With more than 125 deals and raising over $1.5 billion in funding in 2021, the country is already cheering its two new unicorns — insurtech startup Digit Insurance and SaaS startup InnovAccer.

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