7 years of Modi government: alternate view and lessons learnt


The so-called Khan market gang , pseudo secularists and semi intellectuals are sharpening their knives , for they have found a very good incident to feast upon. After being defeated by PM Modi in every game and trick they tried to play, it seems they have found the moment they all were waiting for. Further buoyant by astrological advice they are looking to harm the govt and the nation in the process as much as possible, the target of which is obviously the PM.

As a case study we have picked this latest opinion piece by Tavleen Singh published in Indian express [1]. How the Delhi based journalists and Op-ed writers give twists and create narratives , here is a good example. To prove her fairness she writes, ” As a former ‘Modi bhakt’ I wanted this to be a fair mid-term assessment, so I thought long and hard but was unable to come up with shining achievements. “. Wow , what a spin !

The most unfortunate issue in the country is that these narrative spinners have even looked at the abroharion of article 370 as a Hindu agenda as she writes further , “In between foreign travels in those first few months Modi gave priority to implementing what some think of as the Hindutva agenda. Article 370 was abrogated, triple ‘talaq’ was made a criminal offence and then came that amendment to the Citizenship Act that specified that except for Muslims, refugees of other faiths would be on a fast track to get Indian citizenship.”.

We have taken this Oped of Tavleen Singh for a particular reason. It shows no matter how good the Modi government has done or will do, the Lutyens Delhi and all kinds of gang members will leave no stone unturned to demean and damage PM Modi and his government. And do mind she is not the only one writing anti Modi columns. There are more sharp articles written against Modi.from all quarters [1.1, 1.2, 1.3]

Today PM Modi stands as the tall leader of a Hindu revisionist movement. There are millions of citizens who have taken up the cause of India voluntarily and for national pride. It is surprising that this mission was missing before the Modi era and even during the Vajpai govt. Therefore one needs to look deeper into why such nationalist fervour has arisen during the Modi era which also signals a new Hindu revisionist movement is in the offing and a strong nation by corollary.

It is against this background that one has to see the writing of Tavleen Singh and many others like her in what is also called an attack by leftist , liberal Lutyen (3L) lobby. The biggest problem with a strong Hindu narrative and nation is that it kills the luxurious and elitist lifestyle of these middlemen in the garb of media and journalists that have mushroomed over the many decades of Congress rule. All of them were patronized by the Congress high command with free flats, foreign jaunts , wine liquor and not to mention …… .

And it is not that they are the only ones who have been left to fetch themselves the basic needs of life. There are many who have been strangled by the Modi government as against the open and ‘tell me your price’ kind of previous regimes. India is a vast country and cannot be governed by strict governance models.. The Pimps, lobbyists, business men, Industrialists, bureaucrats, govt officers, everyone needs some dishonesty and payment gateway to get things done.Honesty is good only for the poorest man on the street , for the rest corruption is a way of life .

The definition of secularism which was applied to the nation in the most corrupt fashion that helped politicians to get power while pleasing one particular community started crumbling during the 7 year tenure. Though this government has given more scholarships to the minorities which has been a sore point with many, but atleast it was not all one way like Arvind Kejriwal , Mamta banarjee and Udhhav Thackeray are currently doing. It is reported that Kejriwal has gone home to compensate the death of a Muslim doctor [2] but has avoided going to any of the Hindu patient forget 1 crore compensation.

Thus, one has to see the 7 years of the Modi regime under such lenses.

Today the biggest challenges and legacy of PM Modi is not all the works, projects and schemes that he has initiated from Ujjawala Gas to the poor to millions of Jan Dhan account or PLI schemes for manufacturing or a Swachh Bharat, Atma Nirbhar Bharat mission etc.Under Minister Gadkari the Infrastructure in the country is becoming second to none. A New education policy is ready to be implemented. No government has been as successful in the foreign and defence domain as much as the Modi government. Therefore it is not a question of Modi government performance but performance versus a high pitched Narrative onslaught and a false secular state, a corrupt power lobby and certain other issues.

It is here that the Modi government is losing. First it was CAA, then Farmers protest and now covid. On all the three issues the narrative was lost and PM Modi and his government had to face the brunt. While CAA and Farmers issues are fairly simple and obvious , the corona virus was the dark poisonous spider’s bite that has made the government lame and crawl.

So did the Modi government really lose the Covid war . We have to look at the answer by considering that in our country there are 3000 deaths of children every day from starvation and one in 4 of them are malnutritioned. The answer to Modi govt’s lapse therefore is yes but with a rider. And the rider is no government would have been able to control and visualise a powerful wave 2 . The health infar cannot be set in one year or even 2 year . It’s an old legacy issue that has to be handled gradually. WE have ignored health infra for decades. How could one AIIMS in the country with no secondary or tertiary level of facility could have prepared the country for such a pandemic. It was only a decade back that other AIIMS have come up , wellness centres are groomed but yet its miles to go.

The citizens of the country are what they are and no amount of awareness can make them serious. Against this background to blame Modi and his govt for all the Covid wave is a big narrative unleashed by the media, social media , lobbyists and many others. We don’t think Kumbh was an issue but yes we were also a little perturbed because of the ongoing Bengal elections and rising covid cases.


We recall the tenure of the Vajpai govt in 1999- 2004. That government also did excellent work in all spheres but one. In its over zealousness it created the wrong narrative of ‘India Shining’ and lost connectivity with the ground.

Something similar is happening to the Modi government. No doubt the Modi government has been doing excellent work and has performed on all parameters that no government so far in the country could match. But again the government is losing on the wrong type of narratives some created by itself and others by the opposition led groups.

  1. As a first step we recommend the government to take a breather and hold some reviews and introspections. All governments and all personalities do have some weak points that don’t go unnoticed by the larger populace.

There is a distinct lack of Dis-connection between the top layer of govt and the people on ground. Mann ki baat is not being reached to all nor it is able to break the glass ceiling between the government and the citizens. This disconnection has to be plugged first in multiple manners. The foremost being PM Modi has to speak to the citizens directly or through media.

  1. Second, bring more transparency and accountability in the government working. Ministers are constrained to speak , meet and talk. Forget the common man even eligibles are not getting jobs. Multiple positions in central universities, Head positions at IITs, JNU , NCERT are lying vacant. Independent director and board positions are lying vacant in PSUs. Why ? Doesn’t the govt think that all these institutes are suffering on account of it ? Clearly there is a big disconnect and indifference from the govt side.
  2. Third, go for an economic revival in a full fledged manner. Take a cue from the United States and its trillion dollar budget proposals . That is the kind of vision one requires to beat such pandemics. . A big economic crisis may confront us if the third wave strikes. The govt has to be on its feet. Modi has to decentralise power and decision making process or the situation will be worse going forward.
  3. Keep a tight vigil on social media as well as media. If needed, enact specific bills for the same. We would also like a special mention of Social media companies like Twitter here. A latest video ( [3] http://samanvaya.org.in/trending/title-twitter-has-to-be-banned-immediately-watch-this-video/ ) shared by one of the defence experts Nitin Gokhale shows that the Leh region on twitter is shown as part of PRC.
  4. The Sangh parivar has a big role to play. It has to be proactive on all fronts and act as a facilitator for dialogue between the government, minister, media and citizens . WE have said earlier too how during Vajpai government there were annual review meetings where BJP ruled CMs used to come along with their team and present their work to the media in Delhi.
  5. Last but not least, keep eye open on all aspects of security as we, an enemy nation, are most likely to exploit the situation when any nation is going weak.


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Dr. Asheesh Shah

Author: Samanvaya

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