In a significant change, ‘Bharat’ appears on Google Maps alongside Indian flag; check details


Google Maps now officially recognizes both “India” and “Bharat” as a “Country in South Asia,” allowing users to access the official Indian map by searching for either term

This change is consistent whether using Google Maps in Hindi or English.

The text description for both “India” and “Bharat” remains similar in both languages. This update aligns with the Indian government’s gradual shift towards using “Bharat” in official communications.

Google is extending this option to use either “Bharat” or “India” across various products, including Search, Translator, and News. Although there hasn’t been official confirmation from Google regarding these changes, users can readily observe the shift in their search results.

Notably, a recent proposal by the railway ministry to the Union Cabinet used “Bharat” instead of “India” in its content, marking a significant shift. Additionally, Google Translate offers alternative nouns like “Hindusthan” for “India” in its translations.

Meanwhile, the railway ministry has reportedly submitted a proposal to the Cabinet in which the term “India” has been replaced with “Bharat” throughout the document. This indicates the government’s intent to gradually adopt the indigenous term for the country in official documents and communications.

This move follows closely on the heels of a proposal by a panel from the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The panel, chaired by CI Isaac, recommended the replacement of “India” with “Bharat” in school textbooks, the introduction of “classical history” in place of “ancient history” in the curriculum, and the inclusion of the Indian Knowledge System (IKS) in the syllabus.

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