Correct it rather than promote: Courts cant decide social issues like LGBTQ which has greater civic connection. Govt is Right in its appeal…Kejriwals  Bungalow need some investigation


Courts cant decide on social issues like LGBTQ which has a greater civic connection and impact. Govt is Right in its appeal…2. Kejriwals  Bungalow needs some investigation

At times we wonder and remind ourselves that we at Samanvaya do not have to go into political and other social issues. We are into policy covering economy, climate change, foreign affairs, and defense updates besides education, science and technology, and infra on the sidelines. We see ourselves taking all these issues sincerely and analyzing them fairly in the national interest while keeping our readers updated.


However, at times we have to digress and cover political and social issues too mainly in the national interest. There are two such issues again that need to be addressed. The first one is regarding the SAME SEX Marriage case going in the apex court where there has been a regular debate/discussion going on between the petitioner’s advocates and the Governments AG.


We request all serious citizens of the country to sincerely follow this case which is as important as it can be. In the name of liberal values and following Westerners we are allowing ourselves to be fooled and get wayward. The government was right in terming the issue of LGBTQ as ELITIST which the court has spurned on the go. BUt elitist or not elitist,  the question is not that, it’s all about some muted genes that can be termed as “distorted’ which leads a person towards un-natural habits. We don’t wish to criticize those people as we understand that this is a disorder and they need our sympathy to be normally oriented and straight.  To give them the right of marriage is as foolish as it can be. Instead of curing something and someone we are trying to legitimize it,  and not only that encourage and boost it further. This is where we think that the issue is getting in the wrong direction and hence the courts must rethink.


But basically, such issues should not fall under the Courts domain. They concern the nation, its social issues, and long-term effects on its genetic quality and hence sustaining the 5000 years old Sanatani civilization  The power and vision of the court under the constitutional acts are too narrow and limited to give a fair deal to this case in the national interest. If the courts are taking it as a case of EQUAL RIGHTS for the LGBTQ community it cannot escape from the fact that its also debars millions of others also of our rights and more so of the nation.


This LGBTQ is a natural disorder and poses the threat to weaken human society and the nation in terms of its national security and social behavior. Its a case that has to be decided by the people and hence the parliament of the country. Therefore the government’s AG is RIGHT in saying this to the court that they dont have the jurisdiction to judge a case like this which has a more and direct public impact. We are not just talking about one generation but the whole generation that will come in the future and will be affected by such cases that advocate giving rights to same-sex marriage and in fact encouraging LGBTQ communities.


We therefore request the government and the courts to go for an agreement and take the issue in the parliament where representatives from all states, ideologies and demographics covering all religions, and castes and people can discuss and debate over

  1. This is not something that a two or three or 5 bench seat can decide.


On behalf of concerned citizens like us we rest our case most humbly without any prejudice or ‘Insults’ to the courts and its learned judges. Consider this as our right to opine about something we are really worried about.

  1. Kejriwals 45 crore renovated Bungalow. 

In the past, we have heard many cases of scams and corruption But this is the mother of all such cases. Not in terms of rupee but in terms of MORALITY is there is any. Arwind Kejriwal the EDUCATED CM of the country is reportedly said to have spent Rs 45 crore over the renovation of his sarkari bungalow which has nothing sarkari in it. it is said that a curtain worth 8 lakh Rs each has been procured to decorate the CMs house. ( Watch this Video : )

We request civic case organizations in the larger interest of transparency and public welfare, that this need to be investigated by a Central Vigilance or CAG committee or CIC commiserate so that the actual truth can come out and people know what has actually happened. In any case Rs 45 is too high to go unchecked when the money comes from public coffers and at times the delhi government fails to pay salary of many workers timely.


Such Extravaganza, or greed or Obsession from a person who thinks of himself as Raja of Delhi is a GROSS ANOMALY and has a bigger dimension that we will discuss some other time.

Best Wishes

Dr Asheesh Shah



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