Critical Times – Indian adversaries are on the move.. Canadian controversy shows the level of International conspiracy


Critical Times – Indian adversaries are on the move.. Canadian controversy shows the level of International conspiracy

We were on a break as we wanted to take time and think how can we make Samanvaya a better platform to discuss policies and create awareness in the country on important issues. . The present planetary positions are very important especially for certain signs. So if you are a Piscean ( Meena), Aquarian (Kumbha), or a Leo ( Simha) you might have felt the planetary influences and how it can affect the mental and physical state of a person.

There were reports in astrological circles that from 17th September things will get difficult for the nation. And it started around same time. Justin Trudeav the Canadian PM made a huge blunder by accusing Indian government of a hand in the Canada based certain Sikhs who was involved in anti India activities and propagating Khalistan. We will not write much about it except that there is a clear hand of Pakistan and iSI in the Khalistan movement that we all know. We are of the opinion that we have reached a state where its important to finish certain enemies before its too late. Pakistan and ISI will never leave the agenda to work against us and there should not an iota of doubt on the same. Therefore India has to take steps that can finish and weaken these two permanent enemies. The unfortunate Anantnag event  has shown us that how these two keep targeting Indian army. The war is not balanced. While the terrorists kill our brave soldiers who are nurtured and trained after stiff processes and are some of the best persons that we have , the terrorists killed in return are street  boys who dont have any work and are emotionally blackmailed to work against India.

Take the Anantnag case. Our top decorated army officers were laid there lives while we killed 3 Pakistani based terrorists. This is not a fair match in our opinion. We leave it to the Indian defence experts and the government to think about it in a more permanent type solution.

To the credit of India and its government, the Canadian PM Trudeav has tried to rope in some other western countries in rebuking India and especially PM Modii, which was not accepted by these nations mainly Australia, UK, US and New zealand.  They  along with Canada are also called as 5 eye nations as they have collaboration to share INtelligence.

India has to be really alert on this front as things may slip out of control in no time. Canada based certain organizations are full hand and glove to create disturbances in India. They supported anti CAA and farmers bill protests.

As the elections gets nearer the anti India voices will only grow further. The planetary positions are also not very favourable for few months .  There are two eclipses coming in the month of October. The first is solar on 14 October while the second is lunar on 28-29 October.

 The government under PM Modi is doing exceptionally well. With G20 and a special session of the parliament that passed the women’s bill are unprecedented.

However things at both national and international level looks precarious. WE suggest the government to be alert and not take any incident lightly. The opposition is desperate to topple the Modi government in coming elections and will try and do anything that can help them in this regard.


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Dr Asheesh Shah


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