United States dept of Defence report on military and security developments inside PRC China.


United States dept of Defence report on military and security developments inside PRC China.


● The PRC’s national strategy is to achieve “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” by
2049. The strategy is a determined pursuit of political, social, and military modernity to expand
the PRC’s national power, perfect its governance, and revise the international order in support
of the PRC’s system of governance and national interests. The PRC views the United States as
deploying a whole-of-government effort meant to contain the PRC’s rise, which presents
obstacles to its national strategy.
● The PRC characterizes its view of strategic competition in terms of a rivalry among powerful
nation states, as well as a clash of opposing ideological systems. PRC leaders believe that
structural changes in the international system and a confrontational United States are the root
causes of intensifying strategic competition between the PRC and the United States.
‒ In March 2023, Xi Jinping told delegates to the Chinese People’s Political
Consultative Conference that “Western countries led by the United States have
implemented comprehensive containment, encirclement and suppression against
us, bringing unprecedented severe challenges to our country’s development.”
● The PRC’s strategy entails deliberate and determined efforts to amass, improve, and harness
the internal and external elements of national power that will place the PRC in a “leading
position” in an enduring competition between systems.
● In the 20th Party Congress Political Work Report, the CCP expanded on its calls to prepare for
an increasingly turbulent international climate, while reporting it had “enhanced” the PRC’s
security on all fronts and “withstood political, economic, ideological, and natural risks,
challenges, and trials.”
● The PRC’s foreign policy seeks to build a “community of common destiny” that supports its
strategy to realize “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” The PRC’s ambition to


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