Maldives orders deportation of indians


The Maldives has reportedly deported 43 Indians accused of committing crimes there, amid an ongoing diplomatic row with India. A local news outlet reported on Tuesday (Feb 13) that people of other nationalities were also deported, including 83 from Bangladesh, 25 from Sri Lanka and eight from Nepal.

The report indicated that all of these people were involved in doing illegal business in the country. Maldivian home ministry on Monday (Feb 12) said the steps were being taken to shut down the illegal businesses. These businesses were allegedly engaged in stashing their revenue and earnings in bank accounts owned by foreigners.

Some of the businesses were also found to be managed by a foreigner, instead of the registered owner. Homeland Security Minister Ali Ihusan said the ministry was working together with the Economic Ministry to take action against illegal businesses operating under various names.

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“After registering under another name, [they include] places that operate outside of the registry, especially with the involvement of a foreigner with Rufiyaa deposited to his personal account,” the minister was quoted as saying by news outlet Adhadhu.

A law was enacted in December 2021 in the country to crack down on the practice of some other person operating a business instead of the registered individual. The law mandated the cancellation of the registration of such businesses and the deportation of the individuals involved.

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Immigration Controller Shamaan Waheed on Monday said 186 foreigners were found to have committed crimes and they had been deported from the Maldives.

The development comes as the new administration, led by President Mohamed Muizzu, increasingly adopts a pro-China stance and exhibits hostility towards traditional ally India.

Muizzu came to power banking on his anti-India rhetoric, a trend proactively exploited by China which wants to build its economic and political influence in the Maldives.

After assuming power, Muizzu asked India to withdraw its troops from the country, stationed there for training purposes.

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