Modi hai to sab Mumkin hai…but challenges keep mounting and time is running away for sure.


As Nitish Kumar or also called as ‘paltukumar’ on social media has formed a govt this time with RJD, it comes as a tight slap on our democracy and some of its leaders. Something similar has happened in Maharashtra also where two tainted leaders have been sworn in as ministers in EkNath Shinde cabinet. We recommend a video by one popular journalist Pradeep Singh whose you tube channel has become quite famous for its political analysis and if we say honest opinion – and .  Both the incidents of Maharashtra and Bihar shows the large heart of BJP which is nothing but politically suicidal. It also tells how lightly the BJP takes the party vote bank and its supporters at times who are still carrying huge expectations despite some prominent work by the government.

While such incidents dampen the mood of the ordinary citizens, supporting Hindutva and BJP there are also other more serious issues that bother many citizens. Prominent among them is the protest that was staged in one town of Kerala where a specific community came out on the street. The protest was to take back one IAS collector who was appointed for the district . We dont recall any other incident where such a protest has been held at such a large scale against a government nominated collector. (

Then there are heart wrenching cases that made the whole country cry except the extremist and fundamentalist mindset. Those incidents happened in Rajasthan MP and also Maharashtra. Many other stories also come up regularly these days which shows how a section of the population has been distracted and is cut away from the national mainstream.

Recently we heard the interview of VHP general secretary Sh Surendra Jain who was trying to defend the government as well as the organization against some sharp questions by the host of the program Madhu Kishtwar –—enough-is-enough–dr-surendra-jain. We recommend everyone reading this article to watch this interview which is honest and blunt and discusses both sides of the issue. What the government and VHP is doing and what are the expectations of citizens and especially Hindus.

We have to therefore ask how long these all can be tolerated ? Do we have solutions to such problems? We will place our thoughts on the same.

1. National priorities should not wait for anyone: the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is that there is a need to segregate issues of national importance with other things. While in politics timing is Everything, we must not allow certain things to be governed by politics consideration only. Yes, there are issues that require political timing where we count the national Population mission as one of them, but many other issues dont have to be timed. Moreover in certain issues though the government has timed them very deftly,  still it has to backtrack showing political vulnerabilities and weakness.

Therefore it is important to push certain legislations/bills or whatever one can call to have a proper system based governance model in the country. The government has done well to bring many people under the taxpayers net and this year’s data shows that the number has increased manifold.  In another development we have come to know that the government has mandated airlines to furnish details of every person  going in or out of the country.

There are many such things that can be done by capturing data and through digital technology. a few areas that we think that the government can come up with fast actions are as follows:-

A. Tightening Police department: though Police comes under state government many states that are ruled by BJP can bring the police department under transparency and efficiency. In India 99% of the cases still move due to political or some other type of pressure which should not be the case. Though Police departments are also known to employ undesired tactics, all such things can be brought under the ambit of laws. Police training must be at the top of governments agenda especially since Amit Shah is the home minister of the country and is known to have a sharp and efficient governance model. All communal cases must be swiftly handled and the cul;rpits must be brought to justice within a prescribed time frame.

B. Media: Though the Modi government has controlled the media to a large extent still one finds that fake news is being propagated through social and mainstream media. Rules and laws can be further tightened to bring all such things under the law with heavy penalties and punishments.

C. Enforcement agencies: Of late the enforcement agencies have been quite active and for the first time one is seeing that corrupt politicians as well as business persons are going to Jail for a good period of time. This is a good indication for the country and only through such action can corruption be controlled. The government can still try to make these agencies more accountable and empower them.

D. Money Laundering cases: A good amount of foreign money comes to the county for stalling good development projects. Though the government amended the FEMA and related laws, money is coming to the country unabashedly and is being used for unholy purposes. We are being told through social media that one of the famous Bollywood stars is also being used by one foreign nation for such activities. The film of this film actor is quite famous in that country and generates crores of rupees out of which a good portion of the money comes to that actor, who then uses it to fund some NGO s as well as media houses that are anti national or anti Modi.

The case of Sterlite copper in tuticorin which has been stalled for years is an example. Though the government is aware of the case and a CBI case has also been registered against certain missionary groups, the ground reality is frustrating. With the Stalin government in Tamilnadu acting as the protector of christians and missionary groups, money laundering has become rampant and is being used against development works.  

E. Bring some respect to Politics: Thanks to PM modi who took the issue of Freebies in a big way and criticised politicians like kejriwal and many of his like sho try to lure innocent citizens through such freebie (revadi) schemes. The supreme court has taken cognizance of the matter and has asked NIti aayog as well as Election commissioner to suggest a way out. This is a very good development for which we would really like to laud the PM and the government. India is a weak democracy and many of the politicians have left no stone unturned to exploit it. Even an IIT graduate like Arvind Kejriwal is doing this shamelessly because there is no other way to get power so cheaply. These Politicians like Kejriwal, Thackeray, Mamata banarjee,  Nitish Kumar , Stalin , Pawar they all need good lessons and have to be controlled through proper law enforcement and better political affairs. This is a tough task indeed but still the government can take lead and initiate actions as there is huge public support for such issues.


We will stop with these FIVE ACTIONS that are required and can be taken by the government. All these things do not require political timing and can be started any time. It is now less than two years for the Modi government. While there are other critical issues where the government has definitely too thing twice and act judiciously these 5 actions can be taken without further delays. At Least one can see that even with half measures a lot of ground can be covered for the next term and the country can be brought to a good governance model in the near future. We can only say that PM Modi has acted as the savior of the country and especially the Hindus at a very critical time. The danger to both the country and Hindus is real and always near. If the government fails to take timely actions soon we may have to face problems going forward. A start can be made in this direction with some clear and non controversial actions asap.

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