Once upon a time in Mumbai: Case of a dying city. Only solution is to change it to union territory


As the planet Mars comes closer to Rahu and Ketu , we expected something different to occur may be bit terror activity or natural disaster or firings on the borders. However planets and their operations are what they are and always brings surprises to mankind. Mars is the energy that pierces everything, exposes things through blasts and actions  and therefore this time the Martian energy is bringing out the cancer spread in Mumbai police department and their political nexus represented by Ketu. While other options of Mars are still open but this one is ready to explode in next few days when Mars will be exactly opposite to Ketu from 20 degree of Taurus

There was a time when, name of Mumbai police was taken as an inspiration for similar departments of other states. The Mumbai police was known for its honesty and dedication for work. Mumbai became a cosmopolitan city because every citizen had equal rights and stake in the development and prosperity of the city. However this started changing with politics taking a dominant role as migrants from UP BIhar poured in, Muslims appeasement gathered steam and the politicians realised that they are indeed sitting on a huge gold mine to mint money through various channels from bollywood to D gang and company. Mumbai still remains the quintessential professional city of the  private industry workers and CEO, a strict disciplinarian Marathi manus tight schedule running between home and office through locals , the business acumen of Gujarati and Marwari but in between many other layers of society have also penetrated that has changed the city profile. 

While outwardly everything may appear to be the same the city has become hollow from inside with greed and crimes increasing by the involvement of the underworld and politicians’ open nexus. The recent investigations into drug dealers and drug consumers in the city may still represent the tip of the iceberg. No doubt all anti India elements find Mumbai as their first destination and therefore the city witnessed the “Mumbai Blasts’ and riots in the past . 
From a security point of view Mumbai is a hot bed of clandestine activities that no government can afford to ignore. The allegations of IPS Parambir Singh for State Home minister Anil Deshmukh has not come as a shock to many but only for Sharad Pawar the old fox whose past reputation has not been very encouraging . It is said that Pawar has always good relations and equations with anyone who matters including Dawood and other underworld operatives. 

The Shiv sena is not the sena represented by Bala Saheb and this may very well be the last flame of the dying party. However it is bringing  shame to the city and is damaging all its credibility in the tenure it has earned dubiously to govern the state. Readers will also remember how the party and her govt went after Kangana Raut and tried to protect the accused in Sushant Singh Rajput death case. 

We believe that the central govt must consider converting Mumbai status into a UNION TERRITORY as the earliest. We have raised the issue earlier too and have shown how MUMBAI remains the transit point for big drug cartels and deliveries across the nation. There are national and international syndicates who operate from the city as the city is know to facilitate everythig from sex to Supari for a few hundred thousand rupee. The charm of money and sex power is openly traded in mumbai without qualms or guilt. 

There cannot be any other fit case than Mumbai for being a UT of the central government. This will pave for some changes in the police department who then may not have to be blackmailed or pressured to follow state leaders dictats. There will not be case like Parambir Singh and Sachin Waze indulging into open mud slugging. There will not a politicians who calls a press conference and says that the allegations looks ‘Hasyapad’ and 100 crore is too much money. It only shows how the politicians think the common man is foolish and can be cajoled with few gimmicks and counter points ( Parambitr singh did not sign the letter, he has only alleged without proofs  Mr Pawar expected MR Parambir Singh to show a copy of Anil Deshmukh letter asking to collect 100 cr per month…See the level of foolishness Mr Pawar expects us to be  ) 

WE request the honourable Home mInister of the county sh Amt Shah and PM Narendra Modi to interfere in the city crisis and do the needful. MUmbai cannot be ignored and has to be brought to the levels of Singapore, London etc. THis is possible only when the city police is depoliticised through a UT status and the city is freed from serious underworld politician corruption nexus. 
Dr Asheesh Shah


Author: Samanvaya

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