Political and Social thought: Are we sure about the directions that we are going towards ???


Political and Social thought: Are we sure about the directions that we are going towards ???

If one looks at the events happening all around then one can observe that we are caught in a rapidly changing flux taking place across the globe. Essentially its a hard left versus right ideological war. Power is an essential component of any such ideological war and hence we see the dedication and commitment of all left intellectuals, media and other organisations in the US elections which is the biggest victory for any one. The president of the US has immense power to mould the world and set the direction that one wants. President Trump with his blatant and no nonsense style was ahead of his time in handling the left and scared them to their shit that they all collaborated in a never seen historic manner before this.

That can give one an example of the stakes and times we are leaving in. Let us now come to our country. For decades the left manipulated the congress through various proxies and ruled the country indirectly by winning the ideological battle. Thus the leftist eroded completely the culture and educational roots of hinduism and the Sanatana dharma. While we talk about being slaved by Mughals and Britishers we don’t talk about being still prisoners post independence from Britishers in 1947.

To the credit of Sangh parivar the country finally started seeing emergence from this deep pit of left politics and ideological influences, though one has to add that its just peripheral. For the roots of this left liberal are indeed very deep. As a simple parameter let us say that when the country will start speaking in Sanskrit as a national language that will be the day we will consider that we have finally got liberated from the shackles of left and other anti Hindu mindset.

Coming to the basic theme of this post, we are seeing a new kind of emerging India. We are not yet sure where its going to lead all of us as the currents and cross currents are heavy and strong. To give an example, take social media. While earlier the onslaught of left liberal activists was too strong now we see that the right activists are also coming up with good responses.

The Kashmir issue is still unresolved and the Gupkar gang is contemplating their strategy against the Modi government.

Down south the leftist are powerful in Kerala while Tamilnadu is still engulfed with Dravidian politics. Hopefully this time BJP will be able to make significant inroads there especially after the visit of HM Amit Shah. It is said that the govt is planning to exonerate the killers of Rajiv Gandhi after years of imprisonment.

In West Bengal where Mamata Banerjee has spoiled the state completely again BJP might have significant inroads if not complete power.

The minorities of the country are caught in the crossfire of all these events. While the BJP has done good with Ram temple there are other pressing issues that need urgent attention.

We are standing at a very critical junction from where we have to decide the direction of the country. There are challenges that cannot be overlooked or ignored for sure. However they need to be handled in the right manner. In other words the narratives and controls must not be allowed to be hijacked by sundry players.

The present circle of events at times makes one a bit anxious at times as to the command and control of the situation. We have said earlier also social media has to be judiciously supervised and planned as it remains one of the biggest game changer of our times. The left liberals will definitely be taking cue from US elections and will also get renewed support from international players.

The right wing parties and organizations need to supervise things cloely and must not allow them to go out of hand. That is the biggest challenge.

Dr Asheesh Shah

Asheesh Shah
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